Exhibition: Sea Song

Address: 4 El Nady St, Maadi

When: 23rd  November till the end of December 2016

Details: Hugh Sowden is a multidisciplinary artist living in Alexandria. For over 40 years Hugh and his art have traversed the globe, from Europe to the Middle East and Africa to the West Indies. Deeply connected to Egypt throughout his career, Hugh was the head of visual arts at the British International School Cairo for 17 years.


Gypsum Gallery

Exhibition: I’m Not Obliged to Do This &The Trap

Artist: Taha Belal & GÖzde İlkin

Address : 5 Ibrahim Naguib Street, Garden City

When: 30th November 2016 – 6th January 2017

Details: Gypsum is thrilled to present two parallel exhibitions opening this November: his second show at the gallery titled I’m Not Obliged to Do This by Cairo-based Taha Belal, and for the first time in Egypt, Istanbul-based artist Gözde İlkin shows her fabric works in a series called The Trap.


Mashrabia Gallery

Exhibition: Eternal Return

Artist: Carlos Torio

Address:  24, Gamal El-Din Abou El-Mahasen St., Garden City

When: 4th December 2016 – 5th January 2017

Details: On this occasion, the artist has chosen the idea of recycling as the return of the residue through the usage of espresso capsules and aluminium covers of wine bottles. With this action, the artist makes out of the repetition and the reiterated gesture, a mantra full of a spiritual and ritual meaning. Carlos Torio, who has already exhibited in Brazil, Spain and Portugal, uses all techniques and materials such as photography, sculpture, collage and installation to reflect on industrial processes, globalization, consumption, mass phenomena, marketing and advertising as dominant powers.



Exhibition: El Seed

Address: 8 El Kamel Mohamed Street, Zamalek

When: 6th December 2016 – 10 th January 2017

Details: On March 15, 2016, a mind-blowing picture went viral on social media. It showed a view of dispersed rooftops in a seemingly underprivileged and crowded city. And right in the middle was some monumental graffiti with Arabic calligraphy, uniting dozens of building façades to create a surreal flying canvas. The artist behind the black, white, turquoise, and ochre stunning work was El Seed, a celebrated French Tunisian street artist.



Exhibition: The Cairo Art Fair II

Address:  Km 28, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, before Dandy Mall and behind Total petrol station

When: 9th December 2016 – 15th February 2017

Details: The Cairo Art Fair II is not just about viewing art, but experiencing art. The exhibition provides a medium to physically walk through the contemporary Egyptian art scene today, giving the audience a chance to fully explore and experience the current Egyptian art scene.

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