A Visit to the Islamic Museum


Restored, Renewed and Resplendent

Firmly back on the cultural scene, the Islamic Museum has reopened after closing for repairs and restoration after suffering damage in 2014.

Stunning new architectural features combine with the original structure to bridge the centuries and showcase the treasured exhibits in a sympathetic setting. Cairo West Magazine brings you a glimpse of  just a few of the superb pieces on show, we hope you put this on your list of things to see in the very near future.

Opening Hours:

9 am to 5 pm

“Page from the manuscript ‘Nihāyat al Sawl’

Egypt – Mamluke

9th AH/15th AD century

MIA no. 18019”


“Necklace consisting of twenty-four elongated pieces. Suspended from the center is a crescent-shaped pendant decorated in enamel and inscribed with ‘al-‘Izz al-Da’im’ (perpetual glory)


6th A.H – 12th A.D century

MIA no. 13749”


Textile fragment of wool with hunting scene and Kufic script maybe refers to the date of the manufacture

100 AH / 718 – 719 AD

Egypt – Umayyad

2nd AH / 8th AD Century

MIA no.12632


Marble Fountain

Egypt – Mamluk

8th – 9th AH/14th – 15th AD century

MIA no. 4568


Wooden chair inlaid with mother-of-pearl

Egypt – Mohammed Ali Dynasty

13th AH/19th AD century

Wooden clog decorated with silver

Egypt – Mohammed Ali Dynasty

13th AH/19th AD century

Two sprinklers for preserving perfumes and rose water

Egypt – Mohammed Ali Dynasty

13th AH/19th AD century

A mirror painted with lacquer

Iran – Qajar era – 13th AH/19th AD century

Plate of mother-of-pearl

India – 13th AD/19th AD century

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