7 Ideas for a Perfectly Summery Party


Get in the mood for gathering friends and family together for brunch, lunch, dinner or supper during the height of midsummer. Create your own pizzazz with personalized touches, keep it relaxed, be adventurous, and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Create a feast for the eyes

Mix all of your favorite goodies together on a simple wooden bench or bo-ho style table. The brighter and more colorful, the better.

Mis-match your crockery

Create a laid-back mood by using different plates and glassware. Who said things have to look the same, anyway?

Powerful pink

Shades of pink bring a touch of fun when you want to create an upbeat mood. Play with color to achieve maximum impact.

Go natural

For a more upbeat mood use cotton shawls as table runners, natural straw mats, and loads of bright rustic glassware and crockery.

Creative food presentation

Use wood or slate for eye-catching food displays. It works!

Go floral

From a simple bunch or wildflowers in an empty jam jar to over-the-top fantasies, a table in bloom adds charm to even a simple meal.

Beach picnic

Cushions, rugs, a hamper crammed with your favorite snacks and salads… What more could you want? Just the gentle lapping of the waves to set the mood.

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