In the Stars: Your October Horoscopes


By Maeri Frances

Last month closed with powerful Pluto returning to direct motion. The effects may not kick in immediately, but before long you should see things falling into a distinct pattern. Now is the testing time to see how well you handled things during the summer.

P.S. Don’t forget, your rising sign plays a big role, so check that out as well if you know it.

October Birthdays:

2nd October – Sting (musician), 3rd October – Gwen Stefani (singer), 4th October – Dakota Johnson (actress), 8th October – Matt Damon (actor), Ruby (actress), 10th October – Mohamed Mounir (musician), 11th October – Amr Diab (singer), 12th October – Hugh Jackman (actor), 13th October – Sacha Baron Cohen (actor), 18th October – Jac Efron (actor), 23rd October – Ryan Reynolds (actor), 26th October – Mohamed Khan (film director), 28th October – Julia Roberts (actress).

Our Birthday Sign:                                                             


Use the first couple of days of the month to work on your public image. Things get a bit sticky on the 3rd and 4th so you may need to avoid conflict and use emotional intelligence to survive. If you have been spending recklessly, you may come down to earth with a bump on the 5th. Put new plans into action around the New Moon of the 9th, it takes place in your sign; hopefully things will have improved by the 15th. By month’s end your mood should be much lighter.

much lighter.


Once again you feel torn between domestic and partnership concerns and a need to perform well on the job. The opening week of October will put you to the test. It’s not the best month for opening up a line of credit; don’t be too optimistic if you were planning major investments. A small delay may let hidden factors emerge, giving you a clearer picture. The 23rd calls for action, but keep things above board.


Taurus may be a on a rollercoaster ride in relationship issues.  One day it’s hot, the next day it’s not. Communication channels may open up around the 10th so use this period to have some heart-to-heart chats. Looking forward, the period around the 19th to 24th seems especially volatile, so stay chilled and avoid throwing in the towel. With the New Moon in your sign on the 24th you should be able to come up with a fresh perspective.


The month opens with a strong focus on earnings. Don’t let emotions enter the fray, as on the 3rd arguments could blow up out of the smallest issues. These could reverberate through the 4th as well, it will be important to exercise a little humility, no matter how much your pride has been wounded. As you get further into the month you should seize any opportunity to rebuild bridges, as well as improving your daily wellbeing routines. This should pay off by month’s end.


Ok, party time is over, so get back into work and responsibility mode. Maybe if you focus on home and family matters a bit more this month, the amount of ground you can cover will surprise. That could mean a home do over, so let your creative talents loose. There will still be plenty of opportunities for fun and relaxation, overall you should come out of October feeling positive and fulfilled. The 29th would be a great day for a get-together, especially if kids are involved.


If home and property matters have been on your mind, this October may give answers to some of the questions that have been niggling away at you. Things may not fall into place immediately, and there could be a need to adjust your wish list, but it seems that the goal has been defined and you are on track. A health issue that had been annoying you may be resolved as well, so you should have every reason to be upbeat.


While your focus early in the month may be about yourself and your finances, the mood changes by the 10th.  Expect a major upswing in communication and meetings, short trips and visits. If you are smart you will be well organized and able to cope with a fast paced October. While Virgo is usually eager to please, take care that you don’t promise more than you can deliver. Use that famous pragmatism and commonsense.


The force appears to be with you. Pluto, your sign ruler is now in direct motion again, bringing confidence and conviction to your thought processes, along with your usual secretive subtlety of course. Take care not to depend on superficial solutions when it comes to getting what you want. Venus turns retrograde on the 5th in your birth sign, so any laziness or insincerity will stick out like a sore thumb.


Keen as you can be when it comes to bolting into the middle of situations, this month you should rein yourself in and play it low-key. The more you can tuck yourself quietly away behind the scenes, the better. That also goes for any relationships that you need to keep discreetly under wraps. The time for the big reveal is not quite ripe. You can speak out after Mercury enters your sign on the final day of the month.


It’s all happening at once Capricorn. Pluto returns to direct motion in your birth sign, meaning that matters that had been obscure or off track will seem clearer. You will feel more in control, or at least in tune with what is going on. You could be caught up in a social whirl, or even meetings with peers and people who share common interests. This can be productive and helpful, so long as you can detach yourself from people who are only there to soak up the atmosphere.


You are really under the microscope this month, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just be productive, original, unique, resourceful and immaculately presented and you should come out smiling. There is potential for improvement in career matters, so long as you remain focused. There may be a bit of back-biting going on, but learn to rise above it. The 10th may bring some unsettling news, but stay calm and carry on.


This is a great month to add to your résumé by taking some courses or adding to your skills. Travel is on the cards as well, so keep a bag packed in case the opportunity crops up. Sometimes you may feel that you are on shaky ground but it seems that you have friends in high places who are supporting you quietly from the sidelines. They may have an agenda of their own, but hey, a helping hand is great when you need it!

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