Yasmin Raeis: Mixing Movies and Motherhood


Yasmin Raeis: Mixing Movies and Motherhood

Yasmin Raeis

When a successful and sought after young actress takes the step to start a family we have to give her the utmost respect and admiration. With Mother’s Day on our calendar this month, we catch up with this stunning, talented and charismatic star to see how being a mom has impacted her life and what is currently on her busy agenda.

CWM: Your latest film, Balash Tebosni  (Kiss Me Not), screened to a packed house on two occasions at the Dubai Film Festival. What makes this film so relatable for audiences?

Y.R: The movie’s topic and the way it was tackled are very relatable for an audience. In my opinion, a film being screened in a film festival is a sign that it’s a high-quality film that has value and is respectable. Sometimes people believe that if a movie is relatable and a hit with the audience, it’s not a serious movie!

How does the film reflect today’s social trends?

It reflects the confusion we are experiencing currently. And the intellectual distortion we are currently facing.

Was it fun to film, there must have been some amusing moments?

Well, it was shot four years ago so I can’t recall some things, but it was a very pleasant experience and people were very friendly on set. Sherif had a terrific sense of humor behind the scenes, and so did Mohamed Mahran who plays Tamer in the film. The weather was extremely hot and the air conditioning wasn’t working, so that made the events of the film more realistic!

Can you tell us about your series Ana Shahira

The production company bought the book rights and proposed it to me. I liked what I read and expected they would turn it into a movie, but instead they wanted to produce a TV series because they had bought the rights to the sequel as well! So I liked the idea of a dramatic series and how the story would progress. I also felt the idea was appropriate for a general audience and would be convenient for those watching at home, and it would not be boring as it has a lot of engaging events.

Can you tell us a bit about your role in the series? 

I play Shahira, and the series focuses on many elements, like her relationship with her father, the way she was raised, and what happens to her after she graduates and meets the love of her life Raouf. It also deals with betrayal and the aftermath that unfolds.

Without any spoilers, how does the plot develop in season two? 

Season two is from Raouf’s point of view, and is being shot now.

What else do you have in the pipeline for 2018? 

I’m preparing for some roles, but still not sure what I will start filming first. Right now I’m currently shooting Ana el Kha2en.

What would be your dream role? 

I want to act all sorts of roles, truly. Whenever I am asked this question, my answer is always the same. I want to act as much as I can.

As a mother of a young child, how do you manage to cope with a hectic schedule? 

It’s challenging to be both a working actress and full-time mother at the same time, but I am grateful for having people who help me, that is what allows me to continue this journey. God help others who aren’t afforded support and help, it’s a very tough job.

How has motherhood changed you as a person? 

It has changed me 100%. I have become more careful and protective of myself, because someone else counts on me. Before being a mother, if I was careful in situations, it was just to protect myself, that’s even if I was careful to begin with; I was a risk taker! Taking risks is different from being responsible, I’ve always been a responsible person. However, if I take a risk and have an accident now what would happen to my son?

What advice would you give your son as he goes forward in life? 

The most important thing is to respect and love people. I teach him love and respect all the time.


Yasmin Raeis

Quickfire Round

Three things you always carry with you? 

Mirror, perfume and a pen … to sign IOUs! (laughs)

Early bird or night owl? 

At the beginning I was a night owl, but now I’m more of a morning person.

Best advice you have ever received? 

People give and receive advice all the time in this country, more often than not, it’s bad advice! (laughs) Nothing sticks out really.

Most romantic holiday location? 

Any place that has a beach is lovely, I love the beach.

Comfort food? 

I love ma2olouba, I don’t eat it a lot, but I love it.

Workout at home or in the gym?

I very rarely work out at home; I usually go to the gym. Any time I try to work out at home, it turns into a play session.

Most used apps? 

Instagram and Twitter.

Last book read? 

I was reading a book by Mohammed Sadek, but I can’t remember its name. It’s one of his older books, he gave it to me while we were filming Hepta … but I still haven’t finished it!



Photographer: Aisha AlShabrawy

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