Wear Your Skin! Not a Mask: Achieve an All-Natural Look with Make-up


By Aisha Helmy

As we enter the new decade, the all-natural look is making a huge come back! Wipe off the layers of foundation and allow your skin to breathe. Healthy, glowing skin takes the appeal away from harshly contoured faces. In short, makeup trends this year place individuality and character at the center of aesthetics. Your face should look like you, and not a mask. Consider these 6 tips for your 2020 makeup routine!

Focus on skincare

The care starts from within! Hydration and proper nutrition will give you the canvas for this year’s colorful trends. Makeup should complement to your natural features, and not a complete makeover.

Minimal contouring is in the spotlight

Light coverage foundation on a well-moisturized face gives you the best base for that soft look. The secret to having a natural glowing effect is to apply liquid highlighter on the high points of your face before applying foundation, this way your skin will look dewy.


Skip the overfilled Instagram eyebrows

Go for polished soft eyebrows. Get that defined buffed look by lightly filling the gaps, if any, and then brushing up your eyebrows.

Think “bedazzled” eyes

Get inspired by shiny, ornamental art deco! Experiment with popping, glittering and colorful eye shadows, focusing on warm shades. Don’t shy away from mixing shimmery shades and jewel tones. Experiment with colored eyeliner, from pastels to neon. For smoky eyes, play with reds, earth tones and all the shades of gold.

Say goodbye to overlined matted lips, welcome flushed balmy lips

For an everyday look, use lip stain topped with a balm or a little bit of gloss. If you don’t own a lip stain, dab your lipstick lightly on the center of both lips and tap it out with your fingers for a very thin layer of color. In terms of color, it is all about sheer nudes, earth tones, and nude browns with pink undertones. But wait! The classic bold lip is also making a comeback. Don’t be afraid to use a 50’s red or a hot pink with a glossy finish.

Lip Gloss

Tie it all together with natural looking, lightly blushed cheeks

Choose the closest shade to your naturally flushed face, and apply it high on your cheekbones using cream blush rather than powder.

2020 in a Nutshell

Having your natural skin shining through gives you the freedom to get creative with your eye and lips makeup, without looking like the Joker. No need to abide by the “eye or lip” rule anymore, and play with fun daring combinations.

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