Union Lounge in Maadi


With a massive indoor and outdoor space, offering comfortable seating for group outings and quiet spaces for those looking for a study spot in Maadi. We visited on a weekend afternoon to scope out the venue.

Type of Cuisine & Signature Dishes

International with a touch of Americana. Signature dishes include the Noof Cake, Ribeye burgers, the homemade bakery.

Dishes Sampled

After a warm greeting from the serving team, we checked the extensive menu, which is divided by meat type – beef, chicken, and seafood. While sipping on Saudi Champagne, a soda and fruit juice concoction inspired by the Kingdom, we chose our starters. Our meal began with the American Fries and a couple of homemade soups to warm us up on a chilly afternoon. The onion soup was very thick and rich with bits of caramelized onion throughout and a healthy serving of cheesy bread. The tomato soup was decently filling, freshly made on the premises but a touch salty. The American Fries consisted of thin matchstick fries covered with crisped onion slivers then nestled in a cheese sauce. The fries were a little too drenched for our liking and arrived soggy, perhaps serving on the side would allow the customer more control over how much sauce to add.

For mains, we opted for the Hawaiian Chicken and the Spinach Lasagna. The Hawaiian Chicken was an enormous portion – two large chicken fillets pounded into thin layers on a layer of grilled pineapple, topped with a shrimp and almond brown sauce served with Mexican rice and French fries. The dish is tasty and certainly imaginative, but due to the thinness of the fillets, the chicken was a touch too dry. The Spinach Lasagna is made with house-made fresh pasta. Extremely rich and covered in melted cheese, this is a decadent choice for those who love cream.

We capped off our meal with a serving of the Noof Cake, a heavily guarded secret recipe courtesy of a friend of the owner. It is a guessing game to decipher what exactly this cake tastes like, and nobody will tell you what the main ingredient or flavor is. It is worth a visit to order the cake and try to figure out what is going on here.

Other Items that Appealed & Beverage Options 

The Oaty Chicken, a combination of fruit and poultry, and the Ribeye Burger are promised to be unique. There is a Cheeseburger Soup on the menu – appealing in the sense that you have to get to the bottom of what this is about.

Hot beverages, coffee brewed on hot sand, fresh fruit juices, smoothies, soft drinks and virgin cocktails.

The Décor & Ambience

This restaurant is massive with a spacious outdoor patio area, inviting indoor dining space with a fully loaded coffee bar, and a quiet sectioned off non-smoking area in the back for those who want peace and seclusion. Warm wood paneling and plush leather sofa-style seating dominates the interior, while classic outdoor seating is available on the patio. This is very much a shisha/sports lounge-dining environment with large TV screens scattered about.Professional and courteous staff make this a pleasant place to pop in for a light bite with friends. Shisha is available more indoors and outdoors, music is loud and lively.

Clientele Mix & Price Range

Groups of ladies out for a catch up and college students studying. Price range is moderate.

Contact Information

Opening hours: 7 am to 4 am.

Address: Villa 46, Rd 9 – Maadi.

Tel: 0111 711 1717

Facebook: unionloungemaadi

Instagram: unionlounge


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