Tips for Hiring a Wedding Caterer


When planning a wedding, hiring a caterer can be one of the many daunting tasks you take on.

Every caterer will ask about date and time of your wedding, the number of guests, and wedding style, so have these answers prepared.

Here are some tips that can really help you when hiring a caterer.

Create a budget

Having a food budget is very important for your wedding, for both you and the caterer. It’s easier for caterers to bring together a perfect menu if they know how much you’d like to spend. Any caterer can prepare brilliant menus at all budgets, once disclosed you can let the caterer present different, fun and exciting options to choose from. 


Tie in a theme

Adding a theme to your wedding is what really makes it unique as you put your own individual thumbprint to the event, and having the food and catering match your vision will make your day extraordinary. Once you have a clear theme in mind, share this with your caterer so they can reflect the food to your taste.


Know your guests

This is undoubtedly one of the most important things to know when planning your catering; the number and the style of people attending.

Even if you don’t know exact numbers, it’s really useful for the caterers to know what size wedding you’re having. It is also quite beneficial to discuss the style of the guests, whether they are traditional or open to creative dishes.


Smaller weddings mean you can afford to be a bit more adventurous and extravagant with how much you’re spending per person, whereas a larger wedding often works brilliantly with delicious sharing platters or a buffet. Inviting any little ones to your wedding? Let your caterer know.


Something that ties together the theme of your wedding well is the place setting; this includes plates, cutlery, and glasses, and even waiters.

Not everyone knows that the caterers are in charge of providing these, so it’s important not to overlook discussing these details with your caterer, especially if you want something extra special to fit your theme.


With these tips, you will definitely make your reception day one to remember.

Hiring a professional caterer can make your event stress-free; hopefully our tips can make your party planning a little easier.


Happy Wedding Season!

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