The Worx official Cannes Lions Representative for Egypt.



The representation includes a focus on developing the creative industries by training and fostering young creative minds

The role of The Worx as the Official Festival Representative includes holding Local ceremonies, Initiatives, training sessions, creative nights, local competitions, Young Lions competitions, Lions School training and much more.

Such scope will provide independent, generalized creative education for the different stakeholders in the creative industries including a mentorship program to improve applicants’ portfolios, a competition that aims to develop communication skills, as well as workshops offering diplomas and executive training to guide strategic thinking and leadership as well as exposure and networking for professionals working in the creative industries throughout the country.

Mai Salama, Managing Partner of The Worx said “The representation is a new milestone for The Worx and we are proud to be the official representative of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in Egypt. This opportunity will allow us to unveil the next generation of young innovators through workshops and competitions that will prepare the best of them for the global festival.”

Salama added that she is delighted with the role The Worx will play in contributing to the development of the creative industry. Egypt has been recognised for some time as a hub of creativity in the Middle East. In its role as Cannes Lions Festival Representative,  The Worx will nurture this potential and develop new opportunities for growth for the Egyptian creative communications industry.

Philip Thomas, Chairman, Cannes Lions, added, Our Festival Representatives span over 90 countries around the world and connect us with the industry we serve. We’re delighted to welcome The Worx into this network and look forward to building ties with, learning and getting inspiration from the Egyptian creative community. Their experience, expertise and passion is exemplary and will be a great addition to the Cannes Lions community.

Considered to be one of the leading events and consultancy agencies in Egypt, The Worx is known for specializing in large scale events, conferences and corporate events.  Their portfolio of events range from owning Creative Industry Summit, hosting Amr Diab’s recent concert in London, and organizing events for The World Youth Forum, Google MENA, PwC, Procter & Gamble, Uber, ITWORX, Falak, among others.

With events of this magnitude, it is no surprise that The Worx and the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity have teamed up to boost the face of creativity in Egypt.


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