The Tap: Tribute Bands of Egypt


Tribute bands take music fandom to another level, spending years and sometimes decades singing a repertoire of their favorite bands or musicians’ discography. Here are some of the best tribute bands in town, be sure to check them out when they come to The Tap.

Andromida: Still going strong since 1987, Andromida has been covering Pink Floyd music in Egypt with countless covers and live performances. Andromida has been recognized as the primary Pink Floyd tribute band in Egypt and the Arab World, with a huge following both here and overseas. The band’s unique sound sets it apart from any other tribute project, and with over three decades of experience, band members deliver the music flawlessly with a tint of their own creativity and originality in between the notes.

Glass Onion: Mentioning Liverpool nowadays automatically gets you thinking of the Egyptian football phenomena Mo Salah, but let us not forget that it’s the birthplace of one of the most iconic English Rock bands in history, The Beatles!  Since Glass Onion’s first performance in 2010, the band became an instant crowd favorite as they resemble The Beatles significantly in so many ways.

Strawberry Swing: Let Strawberry Swing “Fix you” with all your favorite Coldplay songs that will make you feel like you are in “para-para-paradise”! In 2016, there was a rumor that Coldplay was going to perform in Egypt. An official event was made and everything seemed peachy until it all collapsed.  However, Strawberry Swing emerged and they were entrusted with the mantle of playing Coldplay music here. The band was even recognized by Coldplay themselves, who apologized for not being able to make it to Egypt, and encouraged fans to go to Strawberry Swing’s concert on Twitter.

Last month, Egypt witnessed a historical performance by Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Pyramids. However, as incredible as that was, not everyone was able to attend. So let’s be grateful to the cover bands who bring our favorite music to life such as Blitz, Funk Off, Crash Boom Bang and many others that spread awesome music.

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