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The local Hip-Hop clubbing scene has been exponentially increasing over the years, sustaining a Hip-Hop community in Egypt is a bit of a challenge, as the country has only a select number of record labels operating and a limited number of venues dedicated to the genre. Still, artists, DJs, and promoters make do, posting their music online and hosting small to medium scale events to provide safe and affordable spaces for showcasing their music and free expression.

Here are some of the most prominent Hip-Hop DJs that have amassed a loyal following of fans and solid busy signature nights:

DJ Feedo: You likely know him from “Friday Night Flavas” radio show, Feedo’s fan base grew tremendously and eventually gained the attention of international DJs – as well as R&B and hip-hop fans outside of the region – earning him gigs alongside some of the biggest names in the business, including DJ Qbert, Trevor Nelson and Akon.

Feedo has rocked nightclubs & special events across The Middle East, Europe, South America, and Asia, spinning R&B and Hip-Hop tracks. Most recently, he has been shaking up The Tap West every Friday night

DJunkie: is one of the few Egyptian musicians to go international, making it to Europe and the Gulf region. He’s been known to perform in big festivals such as Fusion Festival in Germany, as well as the Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

Besides spinning Hip-Hop and R&B, Djunkie’s is well known for his electronic tunes. #Djunkie’s nights gained a huge following over the years, especially his signature night #AllDatDjunk at The Tap.

Indeed, there are even more amazing Hip-Hop DJs in the scene such as DJ Mobbz, DJ AK with his signature night “Back to the Future”, as rising names like DJ Fedde, DJ Doggy Dog. There’s no denying that there’s something powerful coming out of Egypt’s Hip-Hop clubbing scene.

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