Tamer Habib: Writing His Name into History


With a growing string of titles under his belt, Tamer Habib has firmly established himself as one of the most talented scriptwriters currently in the scene. His prolific output unerringly hits the mark, ensuring an enthusiastic audience for any film with his name in the credits.

 CWM: Was the song Talat Da’at originally composed for the GFF?

TH: It actually happened by mere coincidence. I was in Gouna, standing on the beach with my friend Abu. He had a tune and asked me to come up with lyrics for it. We both wanted a song about love, without the idea of betrayal, melancholy or separation. We started working on it on the beach and by nighttime, the song was ready.

Is this the first song you have written?

Yes, I had never thought of writing songs before.

Will you consider adding ‘song writer’ to your title?

Not really, if it were left to me I would not initiate it on my own. However, if I am commissioned to write a song. of course I would do it.

Quickfire Round

A song you would have liked to have written?

Any song by Salah Shahin.

Favorite music?

Pop, Jazz, Hip hop.


Favorite food?


Alternative career?

If I had a good voice, definitely a singer.

Era you wished you lived in?

I would have loved to be in my 20s and living in the 1950s, that would make be in my 30s in the 1960s. Ideally I would be in my 40s in the 70s.

A bad habit you would like to change?

I tend to goof off. I love play more than work I guess.

A bad habit you have defeated?

I managed to apply more discipline to my schedule and dedicated more time to writing.

Your best quality?

I am a gifted writer. I love my job.

What is your biggest goal?

I would like focus more on cinema and write a musical.

 What impresses you?

When I have a deep conversation with someone I just met. I am impressed with people who open up and connect effortlessly.

What do you fear?

Losing those who are closest to my heart, my mother or my friends.


Rats and mice.


I built my fame based on the type of work I do. People identify with the stories I write. All the time I meet people who tell me they feel I am their friend, telling their story.


Favorite novelist?

I am a huge fan of Ihsan Abdel Quodous.

Favorite book?

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera.

What are you working on now?

I am currently working with Tarek El Erian on Amr Diab’s upcoming movie. It is a very exciting project.

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