Summer Stars: Special Days to Watch in August


By Maeri Frances

Have you been waiting all year for that magic month, when you can ease back and relax at the beach with friends and family? Then take a peek at the weather forecast to know how to navigate the days ahead … Don’t forget, your rising sign plays a big role, so check that out as well if you know it.

1st to 3rd August:

The main energy point is a rather tetchy square between high energy Mars and unpredictable Uranus. This will have the strongest impact on those born in the first couple of days of Taurus, Leo, Scorpion and Aquarius, but we all may need to keep our tempers in check. Bite your tongue, don’t push issues and keep calm…

4th to 6th August:

A lovely passage of the Moon through earthy Taurus will highlight the sensual side of life. Good food, the right music, a massage maybe. Time to indulge your hedonistic side. By the 6th there will be an increased mood for communication and activity.

7th to 8th August:

With the Moon in airy Gemini and Venus sliding gracefully into fellow air sign Libra, there will be a focus on social life, romantic relationships and partying. Not the ear-blasting music variety, more the sort where conversation holds sway, and singles may meet a new love interest.

9th to 10th of August:

This period starts on a nice upbeat note, with plenty of communication and goodwill, but by the 10th it may have all become a bit much and grouchiness could set. Pace yourself and don’t overdo things.

11th to 12th of August:

If you can avoid mental confusion and unclear communication on the 11th, you should find that the 12th runs more smoothly. A Leo New Moon on the 11th invites you to strut your stuff, so dress up and be ready to party.

13th to 14th of August:

The mood is more about meeting deadlines and getting down to business than sheer relaxation. Maybe just a bit of networking on the beach or around the pool? It all helps. The 14th is a good day for socializing.

15th to 17th of August:

There may be undercurrents swirling around that you cannot quite fathom, so don’t throw yourself into a situation without having a clear picture of what is really going on. It will be important on the 17th to maintain a positive attitude, that will help ease the way through any tense standoffs.

18th to 21st of August:

Just when you think that positive approach is paying off, whoops… here we go with another Mercury retrograde. The easy way out is to ignore unnecessary mental processes, or mechanical ones, and let your instincts and intuition pay a bigger part in your life for a few days.

22nd to 23rd of August:

The mood in general is pleasant and rather low key. Use the more relaxed vibe to catch up on some time to rest and gather energy for the last week of the month. Virgo and Capricorn will have an instinctive rapport, so try to spend time together.

24th to 25th of August:

Don’t feel snubbed if people seem a little reclusive or withdrawn, it isn’t you; it is just the reflective mood that sets in as everyone starts facing up to the fact that the working world is still there, waiting. All good things must come to an end, summer vacations included.

26th to 28th of August:

There are different ways to get what you want, and this period suggests that a subtle but honest approach will be a lot more productive that trying to strong arm your way. Any scheme that is less than transparent will be obvious, so keep things above board.

29th to 31st of August:

Yes, we know you are feeling a bit glum. How could a summer vacation have sped by so quickly? The planets are not offering much to boost your mood either; there is a winding down vibe in the air. Time to pack your bags, along with a bundle of great memories to treasure. The rush and disorganization of the early hours of the 31st make way for a more focused mood a bit later. Have a leisurely breakfast before you hit the road.

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