Summer Hair: Seasonal Hacks, Trends, and Looks


The temperatures are heating up and our haircare regimen is about to take a turn! We met up with Taher and Hassan from Elle Beauty Salon in Sheikh Zayed to learn what tips, trends and styles will be hot this spring and summer.


Hot and dry weather spell trouble for hair, and it is recommended to do a conditioning treatment once a week. Carry out a hair consultation to check whether your scalp is oily, dry or combination and the condition of your tresses before settling on a conditioning routine.

You can either go the commercial route with some name-brand products designed to nourish and moisturize your hair, or pay a visit to Elle’s conditioning center. Hassan is Elle’s master oil blender, working his magic to create his own blend of conditioning treatments to suit the client’s needs using all natural ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil and a mixture of essential oils.


Crazy color is in! Pink, mauve, blue, green, or red – pick a color (or two!) for a fresh new look this season. Color can be applied all over, ombré style or highlights, with the application lasting up to 15 washes. Go wild without permanent regret!

Hair Styles, Day & Night

Whether you’re relaxing pool side, out and about on the beach, or prepping for one of the many weddings this season, loose and sexy beach waves are in! Wear them long, throw them in an up-do, or a loose, fun bun!


Sleek Ponytail

Loose & Fun Bun

Beachy Waves

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