Summer Camps Around Town


School’s out, and as we all know, it doesn’t take long for high-spirited kids to go searching for something to fill their time and burn off energy. Here we go with a whole lot of great activity packed options that will suit kids of all ages. Summer has never been more fun…

Almaza Bay Camp by Les Elfes


Almaza Bay Camp by Les Elfes gives wonderful opportunities for kids to develop new skills, discover and enjoy great activities, and build character.

new activities, leap into waves of joy, and develop layers of skills

and character. There is no shortage of entertainment and challenges,  including stand up paddle board, DJ classes, baking, and kayaking.

Everything is geared to build new leaders, brimming over with a zest for life and with important self-confidence. What better way to enjoy a fun summer holiday, with lots of new friends and memories to treasure for a lifetime!



Location: Almaza Bay, North Coast – Located 38 km East of Marsa Matrouh


Age Groups: 7 – 14 years


Time: 6 day camp – Drop off Sunday at 11 am, Pickup Friday at 5 pm
Children will be staying for the week at one of Almaza Bay’s luxurious hotels        operated by Jaz Collection.



Dates: Six 6-day sessions


Session 1: 9th to 14th of July

Session 2: 16th to 21st of July

Session 3: 23rd to 28th of July

Session 4: 30th July to 4th of August

Session 5: 6th to 11th August

Session 6: 13th to 18th of August



Meals provided: The hotel buffet caters for specific dietary requirements, intolerances, religious diets, or other specifications.


Contact info:

Tel: 16160 – 010 1047 7799

Facebook: Almaza Bay Camp By Les Elfes

A multi art camp that is a perfect camp for young artists, who get to learn different techniques every day among a variety of fine and applied arts.  Every week they will feature one of the famous artists.


Skills acquired: Visual art, creativity, building and problem solving.



Art Café Maadi – 10 B Road 11, entrance from Canal St.  – Maadi

Art Café Galleria 40 – Culture Lab, Sheikh Zayed – 6th of October City.

Age Groups:    4 – 12 years


     Time: From 9 am to 4 pm.


Dates:  Weekly camp Sundays to Thursdays, starting June 18th 2017 to August 31st             2017


 Art Shot: With a variety of crafts – painting – drawing – cooking –                              sculpturing, from 9 pm – 1 pm.

Skills enhancement:  With one of our partners: Little Stark, Brix4kids, Little             Bits, Nutty Scientist, and Geeks.

Meals provided: Snack box with extra fees (optional).


German Camp – In Maadi Branch only

Weekly camp Sundays to Thursdays, starting June 18th 2017 to July 20th, 2017

Time: From 11 am – 2 pm.

Art Shot: With a variety of crafts – painting – drawing – cooking – sculpturing.




For more information please contact us:


Art Café Maadi: 012 270 50 7553, e-mail:

Art Café Zayed: 012 111 70 729, e-mail:


FB page :

Clubliko Ramadan and Summer Day Camps


Little campers will experience a great variety of activities that include Clubliko’s famous cooking, art projects, theater skits, treasure hunt, water games, sports competitions and much more. As well, there are organized outside field trips to use the practical skills received during the camp.


Location: Clubliko, Al Karma 3, 6th of October, Giza

Age Group: 5-10 yrs

Time: 9 am to 3 pm


Dates: Ramadan Camp 18th to 22ndJune

Summer Camp   16th -20th July

23rd to 27th July

20th -24th August

27th to 31st August

Meals Provided: Snack, Juice, Lunch

Activities: Facebook page:


Tel: 1737080213187944/

Contact: 01028888335 Customer Relation Team

Creative Academy Summer Camp

  • Magician show, cooking, drama, trips, pool, movies, gymnastics, bubble show, dancing, water fight, art and craft, Disney show, competition games and messy activities
  • Location: The Curve Mall, Behind Tivoli Dome

Age Group: 3-7 years

Dates: from 3rd of July to 25th of August 2016

First Session:  from 3rd of July to 6th of July

Second Session: 10th of July to 31st of July

Third Session: 1st of August till 25th of August

Time: from 8 am to 3 pm

Meals provided: Two meals (breakfast and lunch)

Facebook Group: Creative Academy

  • Facebook Page: creative academy preschool sheikhzayed
  • Contact info: 0128007000 – 01280070000 012880030000 – 01220069800

instagram: creative_academy_2014

Hewaya Summer Camp

Hewaya Summer Camp offers lots of fun, art, games and sports activities. Overnight camping by Carpe Diem is available for the older age group of 7-11. Places are limited so reserve a spot for your child now.

Location: Tara Compound, Sheikh Zayed

Age Group: 3 – 11 years

Dates: 2nd to 13th of July 2017

For more information and reservations please call: 385 04601/0100 1031870

K&A Art Centre


K&A Art Centres offers an extensive menu of exciting programs and activities.

Core activities include painting, clay work, fashion design, tie-dye, creative art, animation clay, 3d model making and a lot of workshops. Each course offers students the opportunity to learn new skills and develop techniques.


Location: Zayed City, 7th District, 4th Mejawra, Villa # 6,

Age groups:  4 to 14 years

Time: From Sunday to Thursday, 9 am to 3.30 pm

Date: 28th of May to 31st of August 2017

Tel:  011 4796 1028, 011 1193 2718

KEMET has a very exciting season ahead. The camp is introducing enriching summer programs for our young talents that will inspire their curiosity and creativity. Children will have a chance to explore jewelry design, fashion design, photography, interior design, sketching, drawing and much more.


Location: Kemet Art and Design, El Jameel Building, Greek Campus

28 Falaky Street, Bab EL Louk


Age Groups:

From 8 – 12 years

From 13 -17 years


From 10.30 am to 3 pm



Each session is one week

Sessions starts

From June 18th

From July 2nd

Meals provided:


Contact info:

       Tel:  011 1161 6611


Facebook:   Kemet Art & Design


Kiddles Daily and Weekly Summer Camp


This summer, Kiddles is offering a summer camp where campers will be led through a variety of games, arts, cooking, science experiments,  gardening, and music activities, themed based and designed to broaden your child’s learning and experiences while keeping the fun fresh and exciting the whole month long! The camp accepts children from 3 to 8 years old (must be potty trained) at Kiddles’s both branches, and 7 to 14 years at Kiddles Up. The program will feature weekly themes this year with supervisors from different countries to teach the kids about new cultures.


Kiddles Up: Arkan Plaza, Bldg. F4 – 1st floor. 6th Of October City.

Kiddles: Arkan Plaza, 6th of October City


Kiddles: Downtown Katameya Mall –  Bldg. S3 – 2nd floor – 5th District – Road 90 – New Cairo


Age Groups:

Kiddles – 3 to 8 years

Kiddles Up – 7 to 14 years



Sunday – Thursday

From 10 am to 3 pm




2nd of July to 31st of August


Meals provided: Healthy lunch, snack and a drink provided


Facebook Page:



Facebook page: 


Kiddles Up







Kiddles: 0102 0450010

Kiddles Up: 0100 0477062

Kiddy Educational Summer Camps :

Name of Program: Camp Champ

  • Location: Sheraton Heliopolis- indoor & outdoor
  • Age Groups: 4-6 & 7-12
  • Dates: Starting 1st of June 2017
  • Time: from 9 am – 4 pm
  • Meals provided: 3 Meals (breakfast, lunch & snack)
  • Facebook Page:

Survivors 101 Summer Camp


Activities include: swimming, golf, tennis, skateboarding, MMA, karate, hip-hop dancing, engineering for kids, origami, drawing, graffiti, team-building activities and cooking.



Location: Palm Hills Club 6th of October

Age Groups: 4-12 years old

Dates: July 2nd-24th August

Time: 9:30 am- 3:30 pm

Meals provided: Hot meal included

Facebook Page:

Peek-a-boo park is a kids playing area located in the heart of Maadi, Degla one block from the CAC (Cairo American College).

It’s a big play-ground of over 800 m2 with all sorts of outdoor games, such as trampoline, bouncy castle, play house, ball house, slides, swings, and more.

We also offer art activities and pizza making.

There is a drop off service for busy mommies with the help of our professional team, mommies get to leave the kids for an hour or two or even for the day .



Location: 3a Road 213, Maadi

Age groups: 1-12 years

Dates: Open every day of the week

Time: 10 am-10 pm (weekends 11 am -12 am)

Meals provided: For kids (pizza-making, pasta, nuggets and fries)

Adults (a café serving a variety of food)


Tel: 01001386630



Face book page:


Instagram: peekaboopark

Value Fun Camps by Rizkallah

Combine fun with values, culture, sports and character education, with an ideal balance between outdoor and indoor activities, while protecting your little ones from summer heat. Different character education themes every week, for example – How to Face Bullying. A safe and nurturing environment with a well-trained team.

Rizkallah Art offers a unique theme every week with plenty of exciting art projects, along with a variety of physical, cultural and character education activities:

Football – tennis – swimming – self defense – fashion design – art – Zumba – yoga – character education – games

Location: Smash Club – Katameya Residence 1st Settlement, New Cairo.

Age Groups: From 4 -12 years
Ages 4 – 6
Ages 7 – 8
Ages 9 – 12

Time: Day starts from 9:00 am till 3:00 pm (extra hours till 5:00 for free).
Dates: Starting from 2nd of July till end of August (9 weeks)
Week 1: Sunday 2nd of July
Week 2:  Sunday 9th of July
Week 3:  Sunday 16th of July
Week 4:  Sunday 23rd of July
Week 5:  Sunday 30th of July
Week 6:  Sunday 6th of August
Week 7:  Sunday 13th of August
Week 8:  Sunday 20th of August
Week 9:  Sunday 27th of August
Meals provided: Provided by Smash Club
Facebook Page: Rizkallah Art Foundation
Contact info:

Instagram: adlirizkallahartfoundation

Tel: 012 1111 2671 – 012 7151 3666
– Camp Address: Katameya Residence 1st settlement, New Cairo.

Smart Art – Around the World in 90 days


In cooperation with Yo7ka Anna and Bizzari (jewelry), Smart Art is bringing a multicultural art camp, giving children a passport to visit and learn about the history, art and culture of different countries without leaving home. Activities include storytelling, painting, drawing, crafts and jewelry making.


Location: 3, Al Shareka Al Suisriah Street, off Gazaer street, New Maadi


Age Groups: 5-10


Time: 10 am to 4 pm


Dates: June, July and August


Facebook: Smartartegypt2015

Instagram: smartartegypt2015


Tel: 010 1084 6025

Children will explore and enjoy through sand, art, storytelling, games, movement and water play as they balance the daily schedule with outdoor and indoor activities. The camp fosters creative, cognitive, social, emotional and fine motor development with imaginative “messy” projects. Each week is separate and offers a different theme.



Location: Maadi – 12 Road 232, Degla, Maadi, Cairo

New Cairo – Area 1, 3rd District, 5th Settlement – New Cairo


Age Groups: 2 to 5 years


Dates:  Session 1:  2nd  to  6th July

Session 2: 9th to 13th July

Session 3: 16th to 20th July

Session 4:  24th  to 27th July


Time: 8 am until 2 pm


Meals provided: Breakfast and Lunch provided by the parents.


Facebook Page: Tiny Feet / Tiny Feet Maadi




Tel: 010 9893 3098 / 010 9893 4177


Facebook: Tiny Feet Maadi


New Cairo

Tel: 010 2050 2700 / 010 2050 3339


Facebook: Tiny Feet


Instagram: Tinyfeetpreschool


Day Camps are an incredible, high-energy experience offering a variety of fun-filled, age appropriate activities. These include different sports, fun competitions, arts and crafts, cooking, dancing, and team building games, just to name a few. Although each of the activities creates an ideal setting for physical growth, the primary focus is for each camper to develop their character, and to have a blast while doing it! Campers will also be given the opportunity to choose specialized activities in their personal area of interest; this chosen interest is called “Majors”. Let your children experience something new.


Locations: Metropolitan School New Cairo  – Roots International School in Nasr City – GPIS 6 of October (Greenland School)


Age Groups: 4 – 12 years


Time:   9 am -3.30 pm


Roots International School in Nasr City:

Week 1: 14th to 18th of May
Week 2: 21st -25th of May
Week 3: 28th of May to 1st of June
Week 4: 4th to 8th of June

Metropolitan School New Cairo & 6th of October (Greenland School)
Week 1: 25th to 29th of June
Week 2: 2th to 6th July
Week 3: 9th to 13th July
Week 4: 16th to 20th of July
Week 5: 23rd to 27th of July
Week 6: 31st of July to 3rd August
Week 7: 6th to 10th of August
Week 8: 13th to 17th of August

Meals provided:  Optional, cost is 250 EGP/week

Tel: 012 8081 1185  02 22706262

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