Studio 70 in Sheraton Cairo


Head to the retro-style bar Studio 70 for evening drinks, after dinner cocktails, or for a night out on the weekend. This venue is 70s themed; everything from décor to music belongs in that era. We visited after dinner for some delicious drinks from, what could be considered on of the best bars in Cairo, their extensive beverages menu. Soft options are available for those who don’t drink.

 Signature drinks: Sake Cucumber, Sparkling Delight, Diana Ross, Grape & Grapes.

Drinks sampled: The drinks menu is several pages, so we had to be choosey. A total of 70% of the drinks on offer are created by Studio 70’s head bartender; with some bitters made on premises. We started with the Sparkling Delight – a mixture of Sake, sparkling wine, raspberry puree, and pineapple juice. A hit for those who love a fruity and sweet drink, it’s basically a dessert in a glass. Next, a traditional Cosmopolitan – Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry and lime-juice, shaken and served in distinctive doublewalled glassware. The presentation of each drink is what sets Studio 70 apart; they have designed special glassware and shot holders, from the beautiful bronze martini glasses to the high-heel shaped shot holders for couples. Next we tried the Grape & Grapes made with Tequila, Triple Sec, vanilla syrup, fresh mint, grapes, and apple juice – packed with flavor, unique, but very sweet – you won’t find this in other bars! Heat of the Heart is one for the sweet and sour lovers – whiskey, fresh lemon wedges, mint leaves, Sprite, and brown sugar. This one was refreshing, and not heavy on the sweetness, an enjoyable cocktail for those who err on the tangy side. We finished off the evening with the 007, a dry Gin martini with orange bitter made on the premises. Delicious and served with a generous helping of green olives! The service is impeccable, and you can really tell the staff loves what it does. Always a nice touch in any establishment.

Bar Food: One cannot properly drink without snacking. Breads and a delightfully seasoned cheese dip comes with each drink order, we could taste tahini, soy sauce, pomegranate syrup – yummy! Burgers, bites, and desserts are also on offer – all in small sizes, but you’re not really there for a meal.

Décor: Retro 70s furnishings make this place a novelty. Old Egyptian movie stars of the 70s era adorn the walls. A magnificent amber-lit alabaster bar greets you as you enter. Two seating areas are available – one offering plush leather couches in a lounge-style, and another area with wood and leather armchairs for those who prefer a less ‘intimate’ setting.

Ambience: Pleasant lounge music from the 70s era was playing when we visited in the evening, and the atmosphere supported good conversation. There will be louder evenings on the weekend when DJs spin deep house tracks after 11pm. High Heels night is on Tuesdays; ladies can drink selected beverages for free between 9 pm to 11 pm.

Clientele mix: Older crowd, business types, and hotel guests. Younger crowds expected on the weekend and on Tuesday night.

Price range: This is a splurge venue, but what bar isn’t?

Monday-Wednesday 5 pm – 1 am

Thursday-Saturday 5 pm – 3 am

Closed on Sunday

Sheraton Cairo, Galaa Square, Gizah




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