Strawberry Tartar Red Pepper And Basilic Spume


Capture-d’écran-2016-09-25-à-16.53.02Strawberry season is just around the corner, so keep this recipe close at hand. The combination of the sweetness of the strawberries with the tang of balsamic is addictive, be warned!

Ingredients: (makes 4 servings)

300gm strawberriesMethod:

Wash and cut the strawberries, seasoning the fruit with the

Balsamic vinaigrette.






50 ml olive oil

30 ml balsamic vinegar

20gm sugar



Basil Spume:

35gm water

100gm sugar

25gm basil

500gm cream

1.5 pieces gelatine leaves (suggest where to find these)


Heat the sugar and water, infusing the basil. Heat the cream and add the dissolved gelatine Mix everything and filter, put into a siphon and load with two gas cartridges. Cool in the refrigerator for two hours.





35gm water

10gm glucose syrup

10gm sugar

150gm strawberry puree

3gm balsamic vinegar

15gm cream

15gm red pepper juice



Mix whole peppers to obtain a juice, mix all ingredients and heat. Process in an ice-cream maker and keep in the freezer.


Pickled Red Peppers




40gm sugar

100gm water

100gm red peppers



Make a julienne of the red pepper (i.e. cut into short thin slices). Heat the water and sugar. Put all together in a vacuum pack (really?) and cook in a 60°C immersion heater. A saucepan on a very low heat can be used if no immersion heater is available.




Fresh basil leaves

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