Spaghi in Guezira Plaza


This spaghetteria with style is an absolute gem of a great Italian restaurant in Sheikh Zayed and has built up an enthusiastic following in no time at all. Cairo West Magazine didn’t need much persuasion to pay a visit.

Type of cuisine: Totally Italian, with superb pasta dishes and addictive pizza. Dishes are created with either freshly made pasta or with high quality Barilla pasta from Italy.

Signature dishes: Tortellini Sophia Loren; freshly made cheese-stuffed tortellini in a flavor-packed creamy sauce with the star’s favorite ingredients, and Fettucine di Popeye, named for that much-loved character and his spinach.

Dishes sampled: Sticking to the best traditions, we nibbled on Spaghi’s unique breadsticks while browsing through the menu. Bearing in mind that this was a shorter menu for the soft-opening period we still found a lot to tempt us. The Bruschetta Pomodoro we started with was authentic, right down to the homemade Italian bread and the extra virgin olive oil, tomato and pesto. The tender rings of Calamari Fritti that followed were succulent inside a coating of light batter, and came with a fresh tomato salsa for dipping.

The vibrant green Zupa Di Rucola, a soup made with rucola, was fresh, smooth and tasted great, as well as being healthy, we might add. By then we were feeling torn between pasta and pizza, so decided to go for both. We couldn’t miss out on our old favorite, Spaghetti Alla Carbonara, made with beef bacon but missing none of the authentic flavor, and we also opted for Spaghi signature dishes, Tortellini Sophia Loren and Fettucine di Popeye, with Gorgonzola cheese and spinach in a creamy sauce. The addition of caramelized walnuts gave it a added twist. The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente, the sauces were rich and intense, so it came as no surprise to learn they are popular items.

We couldn’t agree on the choice of pizza, so finally had a combination of Salsiccia D’Italia (marinated Italian sausage), and Quattro Formaggi (simply loaded with Gran Padano, Provolone, blue cheese and Mozzarella). It was a cheese lover’s dream, and the pizza crust was simply the best we have tried, in Cairo or anywhere around the globe.

Dessert was out of the question by this stage, so that can wait for our next visit. A Pizza Caramella Con Mela with caramel sauce, apples and cinnamon maybe?

Other menu options that appealed: Casa Lasagna would be great for chilly winter evenings, and the Spaghetti Alla Bottarga, made with dried fish caviar and a lemon-butter sauce sounds divine. When the full menu is available we would probably be there every day for risotto and gnocchi!

Beverage options: Soft drinks, mineral water, espresso, cappuccino and latte coffee.

Décor: Fresh, contemporary chic, with plenty of light natural wood, white brick walls, and a high ceiling with stylish lighting. The whole feel is spacious and airy, without being austere.

Ambience: The mood flows, from the decor and food through to the music. It all works together in a pleasant mix. The carefully compiled music selection sets the mood with vintage Italian favorites, a touch of the classics, jazz and Italian chart toppers. It’s easy to sit back and relax as the service is efficient and unobtrusive.

Clientele mix: Weekends see groups of friends and families getting together, while week days attract a 25+ age group of mainly urban professionals.

Price range: Very reasonable, considering the high quality of the food. And yes, Spaghi has both takeaway and delivery!

Opening hours: 11 am to midnight in winter, with longer hours in summer.

Address: Guezira Plaza, Sheikh Zayed

Tel: 0121 010 0111

Facebook page: spaghispaghetteria

Instagram: spaghi_spaghetteria

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