SODIC Continues to Build Bridges through Art


Westown Hub hosts Caravan’s travelling exhibition “The Bridge”


Last month the 7th CARAVAN travelling exhibition of visual art titled “The Bridge” at the Westown Hub, SODIC West’s upcoming entertainment hub soon to boast some of Cairo’s finest restaurants and entertainment venues.


Sponsored by SODIC, the exhibition began in Paris on February 2nd showcasing the work of 47 premier contemporary visual artists of various nationalities and faiths. The opening was hosted by SODIC’s managing director, Ahmed Badrawi, Caravan Founder, Reverend Paul-Gordon Chandler and attended by dignitaries Sheikh Abdel Aziz Al Nagaar, Bishop Mouneer H. Anis, and the special guest, award-winning actor and peace ambassador Khaled El Nabawy , as well as a number of renowned artists, public and social figures.


An intercultural and inter-religious arts initiative with the goal of fostering better understanding and building genuine relationships between individuals of different faiths and cultural backgrounds, The Bridge exhibition ran at SODIC’s Westown Hub from April 4th – 30th. The travelling exhibition has now moved on to tour several destinations throughout Europe and the United States and will be held in several cathedrals, museums, galleries and interfaith centers before closing in 2016.


“At SODIC we believe in creating Human Developments and providing communities that interweave superior design and architecture with authentic art. This enables us to contribute to the arts in Egypt, and provide enriching communities for our children to thrive in,” says Ahmed Badrawi, Managing Director of SODIC.


“The art initiative has a social aspect as well, as 40% of the proceeds from this exhibition will be channeled to Educate-Me, one of SODIC’s CSR programs that provide education to underprivileged children in Talbeya, Giza.”


Paul-Gordon Chandler, Founder and President of the CARAVAN exhibition says,  “Through various interfaith artistic initiatives, we discovered how the arts can be a powerful medium to build bridges between the creeds and cultures and enhance understanding, engender respect, enable sharing, and deepen friendships. The late Nobel Prize Egyptian novelist Naguib Mahfouz said, ‘Art is the language of the entire human personality’.”


SODIC has been a proud patron of the arts since 2009, supporting different endeavors including symposiums, exhibitions, and workshops.


Participating Artists:

Ali Abdel Mohsen
Asmaa Takieddine
Azadeh Ghotbi
Britt Boutros Ghali
Carelle Homsy
El Zaeem
Galila Nawar
Gamal Ez
Guirguis Lotfi
Hayam Abdel Baky
Helen Zughaib
Hilda Hiary
Hisham Abdallah
Hisham El Zeiny
Hossam Sakr
Houria Niati
Isabelle Bakhoum
Karim Abd El Malak
Lilianne Milgrom
Lina Mowafy
Mai Refky
Malak El Shazly
Manal Deeb
Marc Goldstain
Marie Boralevi
Marwa Adel
Mohamed Abouelnaga
Mohamed Ardash
Mohamed Monaiseer
Mona El Bayoumi
Mutaz El-Emam
Myriam Boccara
Nagla Samir
Patrick Altes
Qais Al Sindy
Rana Chalabi
Rania Al Hakim
Reda Abdel Rahman
Reem Hassan
Ronen Siman Tov
Sacha Schwarz
Sameh Ismael
Samia Zoghlami
Shai Azoulay
Siona Benjamin
Valérie Rauchbach
Yasser Rostom




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