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A Great Steak-out in City Stars which some may considered the best American cuisine restaurant in Nasr City.

International cuisine: An American-inspired dining spot. Offering a sophisticated yet ravishing dining experience.

Concept: The name Sizzler is inspired by the American food chain, Sizzler. Dining there is an experience in the true essence of international cuisine- mainly focusing on its renowned selection of steak dishes.

Signature dishes: Sizzler Combo (chicken strips, fried mozzarella, spring rolls, cordon bleu chicken, grilled mushroom), Cheese Burger (classic, American cheese), Seafood Pasta (shrimp, calamari, crabs, topped with Capri, in a rich white or red sauce), Cordon Bleu (breaded chicken filled with cheese and turkey), and Grilled Salmon (fresh salmon served with seafood rice – Spanish gratin and choice of sauce).

Dishes sampled: We started off our dining experience with their selection of scrumptious Garlic Bread, with a side of chopped olives and butter. A great way to tingle our taste buds was with the creamy steamy, Onion Soup. What makes it so distinctive is that it has a slight touch of onion sweetness alongside the saltiness of the beef broth. A perfect blend of onion, black pepper, thyme and beef broth.

We then tried two of their most favoured dishes – Sizzler Grilled Fillet, we chose it to be cooked medium well, grilled perfectly and smothered in black pepper sauce – the meat was very juicy, with a perfect brown texture, served with a side of mashed potato, fluffy, smooth and drenched in gravy, with a second side of vegetables that were grilled to perfection.

Our second choice was the Grilled Italian Chicken Mozzarella Trio: 3 pieces of grilled chicken breast flooded with creamy mushroom sauce, with a side baked potato and fresh corn. To revitalize our experience we tried the Lemon Mint juice – a fresh mixture of lemon, mint, sugar and blended ice – delicious, sweet and refreshing. To top off our dining experience we indulged our chocolate cravings and ordered the famous Oreo Madness made of a base layer of Oreo, a layer of vanilla ice cream in the middle, topped with crumbled Oreo cookies and chocolate sauce. The food takes about 30 to 40 minutes to prepare, which is relatively fast.

Other menu items that appealed: In general Sizzler has a wide variety of international dishes including salads, appetizers, chicken, beef and fish dishes alongside pizza, pasta, a kids menu and light sandwiches. However, it is mainly known for its’ delicious steak dishes. Other recommended dishes are the Chicken Cordon Bleu or their Rib-Eye Steak.


Decor: The place is very simple, yet appealing, with a wide collection of relatively large paintings mostly of jazz musicians playing . Seating is very comfortable, low lighting makes for a relaxed atmosphere, accompanied with a selection of chill-out jazz music.

Ambiance: The ambience is calm and classy. Very spacious, yet still warm and cozy.

Beverages: Soft drinks are served, water and fresh juice (lemon, mango, strawberry etc…)

Clientele mix: They have a mixture of young, middle class families, couples, and groups of friends.

Price range: Their prices are reasonable yet when it comes to rich dishes, they tend to be more expensive, such as steak or salmon dishes.

Address: Nasr City, City Stars, Mosaique Dining Court, Phase 2, 4th floor, next to Mandarine Koueider.

Opening hours: Ramadan: 2 pm-10 pm, Normal days 11am-12:30am

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