The 40 Minute Nose Job: Rhinoplasty Without Surgery


We are all aware that technology and innovation is making the unimaginable more achievable, and this has now extended into the field of plastic surgery. A patient can now walk away with a different look for their nose without undergoing a costly and time-consuming surgery in a hospital, all from the comfort of a clinic and in under an hour. We spoke with Dr. George Zaher FACS from Royal Clinic to learn more about this innovative new technique of tackling common nasal complaints.

CWM: What are some common complaints patients approach surgeons with?

Patients can be dissatisfied with the bridge of the nose, broad noses, bulbous tips, deviated nose, or droopy nasal tips. The good news is that most nasal problems can be corrected without surgery by using injectable fillers. Patients can overcome long-term post-operative hassles like swelling, discoloration, the effects of anesthetic and more.


What solutions can a non-surgical nose job offer?Rhinoplasty Without Surgery

Fillers can smooth the appearance of the bridge of the nose, for example. In some cases, it can help in lifting the tip of the nose if it is “dropped”, or if there is an inward rotation. Fillers can also help to create a camouflage to any deviation by injecting fillers into the hollow depressed areas. These are normally big problems patients face, not simple ones, and the ability to overcome them without surgery is an advanced intervention we have been able to offer in the field of modern plastic surgery.

It is also beneficial in terms of post-operative care. By opting for a non-surgical nose job, a patient minimizes common post-operative issues like not breathing through the nose, a week-long cast on the nose, and any bleeding as a result of surgery.

How long does the effect of non-surgical rhinoplasty last?

It depends on the filler itself, some can last 9 months, others 14 months and others can last up to a year and a half.

What should patients bear in mind when considering this procedure?

It is important to bear in mind that fillers augment the nose, they do not reduce the size. However, straightening the nose with fillers can make the nose appear smaller.

Another crucial point is that patients must undergo this procedure with a certified surgeon with experience specifically in rhinoplasty. The most dangerous area in the face is the nose, as it is full of nerves and veins. Any missteps can lead to serious life-altering issues like necrosis and gangrene if handled incorrectly.

Before the procedure

  • A full nasal analysis takes place with a thorough check-up to identify the nasal problems the patient is facing and analyze them.
  • A proper professional photo session takes place in several positions that a surgeon specialized in rhinoplasty will know. These photos are printed and then a checklist of issues and problem-solving tactics are applied to the photos.
  • The non-surgical procedure then takes places in a surgeon’s clinic and usually lasts from 30 to 40 minutes.

After the procedure

  • Be careful with your new nose! Watch out for any knocks that could displace the fillers.
  • Apply cold compressed for 24 hours to keep fillers in place.


Dr. George Zaher is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the British Society of Rhinoplasty Surgery. For more information, find Dr. Zaher online on Facebook @ Royal Clinic / Dr George Zaher


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