A Retreat into Another World at Bawabat


If you are searching for a simple day out surrounded by peaceful nature, this 17 feddan sprawling expanse of land is located a mere 20 minutes from our bustling city at the kilo 58 mark on Cairo-Alexandria desert road.

Founded by Madiha Mansour and Seifallah Fahmy, this space serves as a gateway for visitors to embark on well-being journeys, from the moment they enter the main gate (Bawaba) till they leave. This family-run agri-tourism retreat offers a full-range of wellness & health education workshops for guests and families such as meditation, yoga, music, corporate team building, agriculture teaching, and much more. Members of the local healing community have the ability to host their own workshops and events with their own clients and followers.

Upon arrival, guests will find several venues on-site for the sessions on offer. The feel and architecture of Bawabat reflects well-being, with a design that translates into peaceful light colors, natural and comfortable spaces, with elements of beauty like Arabic calligraphy. The 7th Soul venue is a large dome room for sessions like dance, meditation and arts education, and any team building sessions. The Salarium Salt Room is a space inspired by Dr. Munir Nematalla, and its name, combining the words “salary” and “health”, is derived from the time when salt was valued more than gold or any currency. Guests are invited to sit in this room and enhance their health simply by being surrounded by the healing properties of salt.

Bawabat also boasts 3 outdoor ovens, underground for slow cooking, and serves home cooked, healthy, organic food prepared by their resident Sufi chef. Dishes include delicious dishes such as Pomegranate Quinoa Salad, Slow Cooked Lamb Chops with seasonal vegetables, and Egyptian Beram Rice.

There are currently two independent mud brick houses on site for accommodation, with future plans to construct a fully-operational to accommodate up to 20 guests in, and future plans to expand the premises to include more spaces for reading, arts and crafts, and wellness services.


Address: Cairo Alex Desert Road 58km

Tel: 0100 213 8668

Facebook: Bawabat

Email: welcome@bawabat.org

Website: http://www.bawabat.org

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