Eddukan: Home of Garments Inspired by Traditional Costumes


ED-DUKKAN, a Middle Eastern clothing brand founded in 1983, finds its greatest source of inspiration in this legacy of traditional costumes and produces a line of garments serving to preserve and promote the art, aesthetics, and skills of costume making, a rich part of our cultural heritage. Eddukan

The brand offers Kaftans and traditional costumes in different styles that range from classic to modern to suit different women across the MENA region and the Arab world.

They use a variety of techniques and elements of dress decoration: cotton and silk thread embroidery, beading, appliqué, patchwork, tassels, gold and silver coins, and mother of pearl buttons, to name but a few, and have now a new collection available online.

ED-DUKKAN garments are embroidered and tailored by an elite group of skilled Egyptian craftsmen and are made of the best natural silk, cotton, linen, and wool, often hand-woven and hand-dyed exclusively for ED-DUKKAN to achieve the highest standards of quality and excellence for every garment carrying the label of ED-DUKKAN.Eddukan

“Each dress of ED-DUKKAN tells its own history .. wear it proudly.” Eddukan

Website: https://eddukkan.com/en_US

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