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“Honest to Goodness” Burger Restaurant

Type of cuisine :  Gourmet Burgers

Signature dishes :  Signature Mushroom and Signature Mushroom and Bacon burgers.

Dishes sampled: Signature Mushroom, Provolone Cheese with Mushroom Sauté, Salmon Burgers and their house dessert Torryas.

Ravish brought in a Spanish consultant chef to design the menu and recipes. As we browsed through the menu we could spot a little Spanish touch here and there. We decided to go for three different burgers to have a broader sampling of their menu options (which is limited to eight burgers, six of which are meat, one chicken and one salmon). We started with their Signature Mushroom Burger, which consisted of a very juicy meat patty, loaded with mushroom sauce, caramelized onions, shredded crunchy lettuce, on a bed of Dijon mayo, wrapped in their freshly baked brioche bun. The meat was cooked just right. The combination of ingredients was perfectly blended and in each bite you get a balanced dose of all the components. It was definitely the afternoon winner. The Provolone Cheese with Mushroom Sauté was also worthy of the experience. The meat was cooked slightly medium, but the cheese topping could have been gooier. The strong provolone taste was toned down by the sliced sautéed mushrooms and  onions, along with the shredded lettuce and mayo.

We were looking forward to the Salmon Burger as we expected it to be one of those original recipes that you come across every once in a while. The salmon patty was a tad dry for our liking. However the combination of mango and avocado slices blended well with the wasabi mayo and compensated for that. The Salmon Burger was topped with tempura onion rings, which added a little extra crunch.  Our selection of burgers was accompanied by a side dish of sweet potato fries and a herby green dip. We rounded off by having their only dessert – Torryas – which is a typical Spanish postre.  We were delighted to see deep fried bread, soaked in milk, coated with sugar and cinnamon topped with vanilla ice cream, slices of banana and caramel sauce. The dessert is served warm and it was a luscious end to a nice experience.

Other menu options that appealed:  Spicy Mexican Burger.

Décor :  In the heart of the busy Korba area, Ravish’s rustic wooden interior design makes this small restaurant cozy and warm. The place seats around 20 people along its two long tables for bigger groups and three tables for couples. They have an open kitchen so you can watch the burgers in the making.

Beverages: Lemonade, soft drinks and water.

Clientele mix: Recent graduates, young professionals, neighborhood crowd.

Price range :  The classic burger alone costs EGP 50 with add-ons.

Opening hours:  from 12pm to 11pm weekdays and until 1am on weekends.

Address: 18 Nazih Khalifa, Korba, Heliopolis

Tel:  0122 22 77 2841

Facebook page: Ravish.eg

Instagram: RAVISH.EG

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