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Selma Koehn Introduces a Holistic Program

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By Amy Pugsley


As we learn to become more sensitive to the messages our bodies send about our state of health and wellbeing, the more popular alternative forms of healing become. Cairo West Magazine sat down with Selma Koehn, one of Cairo’s holistic healers to learn about her alternative healing practice.

CWM: Which alternative healing methods do you carry out?

SK: My approach is called Rapid Transformational Therapy, where I have specialized myself in hypnotherapy. It is a method that is developed by Marisa Peer, UK’s best therapist, who personally trained me. In addition, I use a mix of energy healing and energy psychology methods like Matrix-2-Point, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and PEAT (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence). While my methods can free a person from some of their issues, they mainly complement other medical forms.

When would a person benefit most from this type of therapy?

This type of therapy can benefit anyone from those with illnesses like cancer to those with chronic psychological ailments or anyone in between. The benefits of alternative healing methods are multifaceted as my treatments are tailored individually to each of my clients. It is very important to understand that alternative medicine and energy healing are pathways to holistic health, which compliment other types of traditional medicine. Therefore, anyone facing an issue big or small has the potential to benefit from these practices. Rapid Transformational Therapy provides patients with support to improve emotional, mental, and physical health.

What are the most common psychological and physical conditions that you come across? 

In my practice, I see a wide variety of clients with different psychological and physical conditions. I am specialized in addictions, depression, anxiety, and trauma, but I cover a wide range of health and personal development related topics. The most common conditions I come across are clients facing self-love issues. Many of my client’s adult problems stem from issues rooted in their childhood. Typically, these problems are based in a lack of exposure to the proper love and nourishment during one’s upbringing. While my practice is in Cairo, I have worked with a multicultural clientele and have found that people globally all share a common thread. Many people believe they are not enough and that they are lacking in some significant way; this belief causes many psychological and physical problems for people. The second most common type of condition I would say is physical issues like chronic pain and unexplained physical ailments like fibromyalgia.

Can the therapies be used concurrently with traditional medications?

Yes, the therapies are actually best used concurrently with other medical treatments, as alternative healers are not medical doctors. There is no need for a client to choose one track or the other but to use both concurrently to achieve the best possible results. When a client comes to see me for the first time I always discuss their case and familiarize myself with their entire medical situation. It is important to make the process as holistic as possible because the overall goal is to help and heal the client. Honestly, I am not allowed to tell a patient or recommend a patient to stop seeing their other medical practitioners, and it is my job to be responsible in my work and recognise the limits of my practice. Each person needs to weigh the benefits and the limits of alternative healing methods and decide for their selves.

Can the treatments be applied to children as well as adults?

Yes, absolutely, Rapid Transformational Therapy can be applied to both adult and child clients, but it is far more common for me to treat adults in this line of work. Next year, I will be hosting educational workshops around Cairo with the intention of expanding my practice and seeing more young clients. Typically, if children are interested in my services I require them to be over the age of ten for the treatments to be the most meaningful.

How many sessions are usually needed to see a noticeable improvement?

After the first session with my client, I give a ball-park idea of how often they will need to come and see me for change to occur. This first session is important because this is when I gain an overall picture of their background, problem, and desired outcome from this alternative medicine practice. Depending on many factors, I then decide because each client’s case is so different and so unique. From experience, clients usually come to see me for about three sessions over the course of 1 to 2 months, but clients with more severe conditions require a longer process.
What follow up is needed to ensure that the benefits are maintained?

After our initial meeting, I contact my clients to follow up with them to see how they are feeling after the treatment. Since we are working towards a goal I like to monitor how they are feeling to help guide their healing. The goal is to have clients see me for a maximum of three to four sessions over a period of time but again, everything is individualized and catered to the client’s individual needs. I had a client who stopped smoking after only one session, which is amazing, but other clients with more complex problems need to see me for a series of hypnotherapy and energy healing sessions to achieve their goals.

Have you seen a change in people’s willingness to go for more holistic approaches in health issues?

People are now more open to a variety of traditional and alternative medicine practices as they become more mainstream and accessible. Usually, if a client is coming to me for treatment they have already decided that they are willing to make a life change as seeking alternative healing methods involves a conscious approach to your physical and psychological ailments. But results, as is often the case, are completely dependent on the person’s readiness and wiliness to seek help. Some people are hesitant to get help because the issues they face have served them for so long they have become ingrained as part of their identity. Some people, even when they are going through treatment, are slow to let in the new and release the old.


Selma Koehn is aware that much education is required about her type of work as is needed to promote her practice; many people are still familiarizing themselves with alternative medicine. Natural, alternative medicine practices will never completely replace traditional Western medicine, but many people are looking for more holistic ways to heal. There has been a rebirth and refocus towards organic, holistic, and ancient pathways as many people are skeptical of traditional medicine and big pharmaceutical companies. Koehn also warns of irresponsible practitioners who are unrealistic about the limitations of energy healing. While these methods can be used to create a holistic healing environment, they cannot be relied upon to cure many serious diseases and psychological disorders. Using energy healing for mild depression is far different from using it to cure bipolar disorder and the benefits and limitations need to be weighed; it is a fine balance indeed. Koehn, at the end of the day is a Rapid Transformational Therapist and she loves to see her clients leave with a smile, and hopes to free people from their issues, one client at a time.

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