Ramadan Desserts to Indulge In


Ramadan Desserts to Indulge Inkonafa cheese cake

Finally, Ramadan, the month we’ve been anticipating the whole year long, a peaceful month full of spirituality and getting in tune with ourselves. But it’s also a month full of family gatherings and delicious desserts. Each Ramadan, shops around Cairo never fail to exceed our expectations in adding creativity and innovation to traditional oriental desserts. We rounded up the best to look out for this year. These are our top shops and their scrumptious bestsellers!



The pioneer in tart making with a mission “to provide innovative tart- based products”,  Delight is taking this Ramadan with mouth-watering treats. Specialties are caramelized pecan konafa, pumpkin bowl, konafa cheesecake osmanleya with fruit, and blueberry konafa. 

Ramadan Desserts to Indulge In


Taking a leap by blending oriental and western desserts together to come up with their specialties, Devour is offering Red Velvet basboosa, konafa Nutella and of course their Rama Bomb which consists of chocolate, kinder, konafa, and fevour crème.



With branches in Maadi, Dokki and Nasr City, L’Amandine serves unforgettable fresh konafa with mangoes and cream. Worth the visit just for that, although their whole selection is generally yummy.


Le CarnavalRamadan Desserts to Indulge In

Known for great pastries and ice-cream year round, Le Carnaval really shines when it comes to Ramadan sweets. We recommend the scrumptious konafa with mango, but don’t be shy about trying anything from their vast selection.


La Poire

The popular pastry chain has branches all over Cairo, Alexandria, the North Coast and other cities. La Poire offers a good range of oriental sweets for Ramadan. Even better, you can find them at your local On The Run, handy for last minute gifts.


Ramadan Desserts to Indulge In




Mandarine Koueider

Leading dessert and pastry shop Mandarine Koueider will be rolling out all our favorites again this Ramadan. Don’t miss out on their basboosa, konafa and 3aish saraya.






Masa Sweets

For top quality Syrian sweets and desserts Zamalek-based Masa is a ‘must try’.  When it comes to authentic and traditional Middle Eastern delights they are hard to beat.

Ramadan Desserts to Indulge In

Salé Sucré

Desserts from Salé Sucré could become treasured Ramadan memories. Unbelievably rich, their most popular items are Petits Choux aux Dates, choux pastry dipped in fresh cream topped with dates, caramel sauce and walnuts; Rouges Orientale, a Turkish basbousa topped with fresh cream, pureed cherries and strawberries; Konafa Nutella, chocolate konafa with Nutella and nuts, and Konafa Mango. Several branches around Cairo.



Egypt’s first gourmet cupcake bakery is taking this Ramadan by storm and offering these unique mouthwatering desserts: Lotus Mania, konafa Nutella, konafa Banana Francesca, Red Velvet basboosa, 3eish Saraya with mascarpone cheese.



The Batter Half & Co

Always creative with amazing out-of-the-box confections, this is not a place to miss this Ramadan. We suggest you try konafa with mango, konafa Nutella, konafa Red Velvet, Red Velvet basboosa and their cups of konafa and basboosa.

Ramadan Desserts to Indulge In


One of the leading Egyptian patisserie brands in Egypt, Tortina is mastering the art of mixing the finest ingredients to come up with their specialties:

Om Aly crème brulee,  Mont Blanc konafa bowl, Mars konafa tart, atayef asafeiri and konafa tiramisu.


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