TV Guide: On Screens in Ramadan 2018


A comedic series with two big stars, Yehia El Fakarany plays a retired man following his dreams of becoming of a chef. Big laughs guaranteed!

Starring: Yehia El Fakarany, Mervat Amin, Yousra El Lozzi

Screening on: DMC

Written by: Mohamed Ragaa

Directed by: Hala Khalil

Produced by: Square Media

Zeina plays a woman escaping from her hometown after a night of tragedy to start anew. Throughout the series, audiences go back in time to learn what exactly happened to lead to this decision.

Starring: Zeina, Fathy Abdelwahab, Mohamed Shahin

Screening on: MBC Masr

Written by: Mohamed El Safti

Directed by: Ziyad El Weshahi

Produced by: Screen 2000

Set in Upper Egypt, this dramatic series follows the lives of a group of women and their daily lives full of controversy and struggles.

Starring: Rouby, Sawsan Badr, Arwa Gouda, Ahmed Dawood

Screening on: ON  E

Written by: Abdelraheem Kamal

Directed by: Hatem Ali


The plot is being tightly guarded, but with Yousra as the star, we are sure this one will be a hit you don’t want to miss!

Starring: Yousra, Shereen Reda, Mohamed Shahin

Screening on: El Hayah

Written by: Abdullah Hassan, Ameen Gamal, Ibrahim Mohsen, Khaled Abobakr

Directed by: Mohamed Ali

Produced by: El Adl Group

Haifa Wahba plays a con-artist in this series directed by Khairy Beshara.

Starring: Haifa Wahby, Abeer Sabry, Shereen, Sameh el Sereety

Screening on: El Nahar

Written by: Abeer Suliman

Directed by: Khairy Beshara

Produced by: MGR

Nelly Karim stars as a wife searching for her missing husband.

Starring: Nelly Karim, Hisham Selim, Basma, Mohamed Mamdouh

Screening on: DMC

Written by: Ayman Medhat

Directed by: Ahmed Medhat

Produced by: El Adl Group

A prisoner escapes and becomes a heavily pursued convict seeking his revenge in this action-packed thriller.

Starring: Hany Salama, Stephanie Saleeba, Ibrahim Nasr, Mona Abdelghany, Afaf Shoab

Screening on: El Nahar

Written by: Hassan Dahshan

Directed by: Raouf AbdelAziz

Produced by: Synergy

The second installment of last year’s hit, Amir Karara returns in his role of a police officer battling all odds in this action-packed drama.

Starring: Amir Karara, Rogeena, Hala Fakher, Haitham Zaki

Screening on: ON E

Written by: Baher Dewidar

Directed by: Peter Mimy

Produced by: Synergy

A remake of a comedic classic, a working class man finds a pill that can supposedly make him a better person by increasing certain character traits. Hilarity and missteps follow.

Starring: Mohamed Henedy, Hana Sheha, Dalal AbdelAziz, Ibrahim Eissa

Screening on: El Hayah

Story by: Youssef El Sebai

Written by: Ahmed Abdullah

Directed by: Mohamed El Adl

Produced by: El Adl Group

Mohamed Ramadan stars as an Upper Egyptian officer battling terrorists in Sinai in this action-packed series.

Starring: Mohamed Ramadan, Dorra, Sayed Ragab, Wafaa Ammer

Screening on: DMC

Written by: Mohamed Abdel Moati

Directed by: Yasser Samy

Produced by: El Adl Group

Star-crossed lovers and marriage plans that are marred by an accident that changes destiny in this romantic, and most likely very dramatic, series.

Starring: Hamada Helal, Iman El Assi, Ehab Fahmy

Screening on: MBC Masr

Written by: Fedaa El Shandaweli

Directed by: Ahmed Shafiq

Produced by: Sherket El Motahedeen

Two friends on a mission to excel and achieve their dreams, will they succeed? Seems to be a big theme this season.

Starring: Mostafa Khater, Hala Fakher, Bayomi Fouad

Screening on: ON E

Written by: Tamer Ibrahim, Farouk Hisham, Mostafa Omar

Directed by: Moataz El Touni

Produced by: Synergy

An action-thriller plot follows a police offers investigating a terrorism case that proves challenging and deadly.

Starring: Karim Fahmy, Naglaa Badr, Nabil El Halafawy

Screening on: DMC

Written by: Mohamed Raafat

Directed by: Magdy El Semeli

Produced by: AROMA

A comedic family affair in this series about siblings and their strife.

Starring: Aly Rabea, Sabry Fawaz, Salwa Khatab

Screening on: MBC Masr

Written by: Eyad Shehab, Mohamed Fathy, Mohamed Abo El Saad

Directed by: Wael Ehsan

Produced by: Sherket El Motahedeen

A man with very little has dreams of success and a better life, but faces challenges and obstacles in his path. Will he overcome the odds and achieve his goals?

Starring: Amr Saad, Hala Sedky, Kamal Abo Raya

Screening on: MBC Masr

Written by: Mohamed El Shawaf

Directed by: Mahmoud Kareem

Produced by: Synergy

Adel Imam stars in this suspenseful series following a journalist’s search for the truth in a world of corruption putting his life at risk.

Starring: Adel Imam, Fathy Abdelwahab, Heba Magdy, Boshra, Rania Farid Shawky

Screening on: CBC

Written by: Mohamed Mehrez, Ameen Gamal, Mahmoud Hemdan

Directed by: Ramy Imam

Produced by: Magnum

Drama, suspense, passion and danger! Khaled El Nabawy is a Don Juan who becomes involved with a woman with secrets. Will he be able to resist temptation?

Starring: Khaled El Nabawy, Mahmoud Abdel Moghny, Amal Boshosha

Screening on: El Hayah

Written by: Youssef Hassan Youssef

Directed by: Mohamed Bakeer

Produced by: Frame Makers

Big laughs guaranteed whenever this duo is involved, and this time, Samir Ghanem is joining in the fun! A couple evades police capture in this mad caper tale.

Starring: Hassan El Raddad, Amy Smir Ghanem, Samir Ghanem

Screening on: El Nahar

Written by: Ahmed Mohey, Mohamed Mohamadi

Directed by: Islam Khairy

Produced by: Ahmed El Sobky

Based on a Spanish novel, this is a series set in the 1940s starring two super hot stars – and judging by the immense success of last year’s Grand Hotel, this is set to be the hit of the season.

Starring: Dhafer L’Abidine, Amina Khalil, Enjy El Mokadem, Entesar

Screening on: CBC

Written by: Samaa Abdelkhalek, Enjy El Kasam

Directed by: Hany Khalifa

Produced by: Eagle Films

Ghada Abdel Razek plays a divorcee estranged from her daughter, but continues to fight for her wellbeing by hunting down the criminal who harms her in a sexual assault incident.

Starring: Ghada Abdel Razek, Hanan Metawee, Rogeena

Screening on: ON E

Written by: Ayman Salama

Directed by: Tarek Rafaat

Produced by: Synergy

A flight takes off from Beirut to Cairo, but the passengers on this plane are not what they seem. This psychologically charged series looks like a must-see this season.

Starring: Basil Khayat, Riham Abdelghafoor, Hana Metawee, Mai Selim

Screening on: DMC

Story by: Noor Shishekly

Written by: Amr El Dali, Ahmed Wali

Directed by: Hossam Ali

Produced by: Sel Media, Max, Trailer

Drama and romance, a shady businessman pursues a university professor leading to chaos.

Starring: Yasser Galal, Nour, Mohamed Riyad, Hassan Hosni

Screening on: CBC

Written by: Mohamed Ismail Ameen

Directed by: Mohamed Salama

Produced by: Fenoon Masr

A comedy series that follows a man on the mission to fulfill advice given to him by his father to turn an orphanage into a sweets factory.

Starring: Akram Hosni, Ahmed Ameen, Reem Mostafa, Eslam Ibrahim

Screening on: CBC

Written by: Ayman Watar, Mostafa Helmy

Directed by: Khaled El Halafawi

Produced by: K Media / Kareem Abo Zikry

This dramatic thriller follows a civil rights lawyer fleeing abroad to evade arrest and eventually falling into a web of revenge and danger. There are also romantic subplots sure to complicate matters.

Starring: Ahmed Ezz, Arwa Gouda, Amal Beshosha, Abbas Abol Hassan, Fathy Abdelwahab

Screening on: ON E

Story by: Ezz el Din Shokry

Written by: Mariam Naoum

Directed by: Ahmed Khaled Moussa

Produced by: TVISION

Mai Ezz el Din plays a woman with the gift of sight, seeing horrific events before they come to life.

Starring: Mai Ezz el Din, Khaled Selim, Ahmed Saad Abdelghany

Screening on: ON E

Written by: Mohamed Soliman AbdelMalek

Directed by: Ibrahim Fakhr

Produced by: Synergy

Amr Youssef plays a man tangled up in trouble after being accused of antiquities smuggling in this dramatic series.

Starring: Amr Youssef, Saba Mobarak, Amr Abdelgeleel

Screening on: CBC

Written by: Mohamed Deyab, Khaled Deyab, Shereen Deyab

Directed by: Amr Salama

Produced by: Magnum

A drama-thriller following a terrorist fighting to cover up his plans and works to carry out his master plans.

Starring: Dina El Sherbiny, Mostafa Fahmy, Mohamed Shaheen, Omar el Saad

Written by: Mohamed Soliman AbdelMalek

Directed by: Sherif Ismail

Produced by: Synergy

A bank employee fights for justice after being accused of corruption and fraud. Suspense and drama unfolds.

Starring: Mostafa Shaaban, Aiten Ameer, Hassan Hosny, Mohamed Lotfy

Screening on: MBC Masr

Written by: Mohamed Said Besheer

Directed by: Ahmed Saleh

Produced by: Synergy

The second installment of last year’s family drama follows businessman Hamam involved in a torrid love affair which threatens his livelihood and stability.

Starring: Gamal Soliman, Sabrine, Mahmoud Abdel Moghny

Screening on: MBC Masr

Written by: Magdy Saber

Directed by: Ahmed Khaled Ameen

Produced by: Oscar

Solaf Fowakhergy stars as a nurse who mans a suicide hotline and gets accused of murder as a result. Drama and tensions arise.

Starring: Solaf Fowakhergy, Nedal El Shafai, Hussien Fahmy, Salah Abdullah, Sabrine

Written by: Fawzeya Hussien

Directed by: Hosny Salah

Produced by: Studio Gabry

A drama thriller revolving around the fight against terrorism.

Starring: Sheri Adel, Sherif Salama, Hani Adel, Waleed Fawaz

Screening on: CBC

Written by: Mohamed Diab, Khaled Diab, Sherine Diab

Directed by: Mahmoud Kamel

Produced by: Film Clinic, Mohamed Hefzi, Moez Massoud

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