Ramadan 2017 TV Series


Afareet Adly Allam

The series revolves around a comedy about Adly Allam, who works in a library and at the Ministry of Culture and is very much interested in books. After publishing an article in a famous newspaper under a pseudonym, his life takes a dramatic turn as the article becomes the focus of public opinion, which puts the newspaper in jeopardy, until a ghost appears in his life.

The series stars:

Adel Imam, Ghada Adel, Hala Sedqi, Kamal Abu Raya.


Allahom Eny Sayem

Central to the story,  Ali is a  con-man who scams  prominent members of the business community .

The series stars

Mostafa Shaaban, Magda Zaki, Reem  Moustafa.


Al Dayain

Expect plenty of laughs as Donia Samir Ghanem stars in the story of a group of people whose plane to Thailand was forced to land on a remote Asian island. Their attempts to escape the island promise great entertainment.

The series starsDonia Samir Ghanem, Samir Ghanem, Bayoumi Fouad


Al Halal

The series is a social drama focusing on the lives of four women who live in a simple environment. Many changes and events occur during the course of the series.

The series stars:

Somaya El Khashab, Yousra El Lozy.

Al Hossan El Aswad

A crooked lawyer has twisted ways to cheat on the law, but after a period of time is  exposed to hallucinations and is not able to differentiate between reality and illusion.

The series stars:

Ahmed El Sakka, Sherry Adel, Yasmine Sabry, Sabry Fawaz.


Al Toufan

The desire to get rich quickly may drive many to cross lines and commit all sorts of crimes, this series tackles this struggle, and all the grey areas that lay between right and wrong.

The series stars:

Maged El Masry, Ahmed Zaher, Magdy Kamel.


Al Zabaq

Based on actual files from the Egyptian Intelligence’s operations in the late 90s, Karim Abdel-Aziz will keep us on the edge of our seats with a series where he plays the role of a heroic intelligence officer.

The series stars: Karim Abdel-Aziz, Sherif Mounir, Reham Abdel-Ghafour, Talaat Zakariya
Ard Gaw

Ghada Abdel Razek plays the role of an air-hostess in a story that centres around her career and the airplane crew. We follow events that sometimes take a dangerous turn in this dramatic Ramadan series.

The series stars:

Ghada Abdel Razek, Mohamed Karim, Ferial Youssef, and Haytham Shaker


Ayam Hassan El Ghareeb

Hassan is a young man working in the Ministry of Antiquities, and who has implicated his boss in a case of bribery. The series documents a tense relationship with a police officer.

The series stars:

Amr Saad, Reyham Hagag, Salah Abdulla.

Beyn Alameyn

The series focuses on the idea of the great difference between the moral world and the material world, which life the characters choose to live and why.

The series stars:

Tarek Lotfy, Hisham Selim, Lekaa El Khameesy and Hazem Samir


El Dawly

The series is about a heavy truck driver nicknamed  ‘El Dawly’ who drives his truck to and from different countries. He inherited the profession from his father and the series shows how he copes with the problems he encounters while traveling across borders.

The series stars:

Bassem Samra, Rania Youssef, Ahmed Wafik and Feras Saied.


El Gamaa part 2

This sequel to the controversial Waheed Hamed series about the Muslim Brotherhood looks further into the history and ideology of the group.

The series stars:

Riyad El Khouly, Abdel-Aziz Makhyoun, Sabrine


El Hala

A high security officer investigates a case which proves to be more challenging that he initially thought . Expect plenty of twists and turns in the plot.

The series starsAhmed Zaher, Horreya Farghaly, Ashraf Zaki
El Herbaya

Asaliya is a young girl living under pressure from her older sister to drop out of school and work as a maid, like she did. She works as a maid in the home of a wealthy family. Her sister and her husband try to exploit her in various ways, but an encounter with a fortune-teller will change the way she looks at everything.

The series stars:

Haifaa Wehbe, Dina, Monzar Reyhana.


Harbana Menha

Yasmin Abdel-Aziz will light up Egyptian television this Ramadan with a brand new comedy. Plot details have not been made public yet.

The series starsYasmine Abdel-Aziz, Moustafa Khater, Intissar


Halawet El Donia

The series revolves around a young girl who is planning her wedding when she learns she has cancer. Her life turns upside down, from a joyous bride to a sick young woman who endures the painful experience of fighting the disease.

The series stars:

Hend Sabry, Zafer El Abdeen.


Kafr Delhab

The highly anticipated series is a historical horror fantasia straight out of One Thousand and One NightsThe plot and story revolve around the town of Delhab, which lies within a haunted village. Need we say more?

The series stars: Youssif El Sherif, Rogina, Mohamed Reyad



A terrorist reaches the inner circle of a terrorist organisation and gets to the point where he takes charge. He comes under the guidance of a Sheikh, who introduces him to the reality of how terrorist and extremists group operate in Egypt.

The series starsAmir Karara, Reem Moustafa, Hala Fakher

Khalsana Beshyaka

Ahmed Mekky returns to our screens with a comedy about a group of three friends who fall in love with the same girl, bringing a host of complicated and amusing situations.

The series stars:  Ahmed Mekki, Chiko and Maged


Laala Seyr

A romantic social series that tells the story of friends whose friendship has faced a lot of problems after the appearance of a man in their lives. Nelly Karim plays a very romantic role this year, unlike her previous series during the past three years.

The series stars:

Nelly Karim, Zeina, Ahmed Fahmy, Sara Salameh, Heidi Moussa and Bushra


Lamey El Ott

A bus driver, played by Muhammad Imam, transports pupils for a private school, and while returning the students to their homes after the end of one school day, faces a kidnap situation.

The series stars:

Mohamed Imam, Tara Emad, Engy Abu Zeid, Salah Abdulla, Amr Metwally,


La Tutfi El Shams

The series revolves around a conservative aristocratic Egyptian family headed by a mother who takes care of her family after the loss of her husband. The events escalate as she tackles the problems of her five adult children. The series is full of characters with complex human relationships.

The series stars:

Mervat Amin, Amina Khalil, Fathi Abdel Waha.



Amy Samir Ghanem  joins her husband actor Hassan Raddad  in a new drama thriller. Plot details are still under wraps.

The series stars:  Amy Samir Ghanem, Hassan Raddad, Riham Haggag

All the characters in this series suffer from different types of phobias. They are all in search of the same treasure, and during their search for it their phobias play a major role.

The series stars:

Khaled El Sawy, Ayten Amer, Merihan Hussein and Walid Fawaz


Qasr El Oshaq

Farouk El Fishawy makes his return to our screens in the role of a political prisoner in a complicated stand-off with a tough prison warden.

The series stars: Farouk El Fishawy, Ezzat El Alayly,Pousy, Wafaa’ Amer
Ramadan Karim

In this series Ruby sets out to keep us riveted to our screens  with a show that deals with rituals and vices of society like fasting, bribery, family relationships, and charity.

The series stars:  Ruby, Sherif Salama, Sayed Ragab


Sabaa Sanayea

Sherif Ramzy and May Selim will star in a light family comedy addressing social issues, with a touch of humor . Each episode has its own plot.

The series starsSherif Ramzy, May Selim, Engy Wegdan


Taht Amr Elseyada

The series revolves around the thorny world of domestic workers supplied through service offices with a hidden world that combines ambition, secrets and crimes.

The series stars:

Yousra, Bassem Yakhour


Taket Adr

Mixing drama with romance, Hamada Helal plays a hardworking pillar of society who is on the up-and-up in his career, while living an exemplary life. However, when he mets a girl and falls in love, things begin to change.

The series stars:  Hamada Helal, Yousra El-Lozy


Taqut Noor

Another movie star invades this Ramadan season with his third TV appearance. The action series revolves around Leil Abdel-Salam, a professional hitman who goes through a lot of suffering that transforms him into a new person. The events cover all major stations of Abdel-Salam’s life, with many people walking in and out of it.

The series stars:

Hany Salama, Mays Hemda, Salah Abdullah, Hannan Metawea


Wahet El Ghoroub

The series takes place during the 19th century after the massive fail of the revolution. Mahmoud Abdelzaher, a police officer was moved to Siwa because of his adoption of revolutionary ideas. He and his foreign wife, who is interested in everything related to archaeology, are brought together to experience a new life between the East, the West, the past and the present.

The series stars:

Khaled El Nabawy, Menna Shalaby.


Yawmiyat Zoga Mafroosa Awy (Part 4)

Dalia Al-Beheiry is back for the fourth season of Diary of a Wife which takes place in the framework of a social comedy about Engie’s small family, the problems she faces and her daily routine.

The series stars:

Dalia Al Abeheiry, Khaled Sarhan, Samir Ghanem and Marwa Abdelmoneim


30  Youm

Asser Yassin brings thrills to our screens as he plays a physicist caught up in a tangled situation. Expect lots of suspense!

The series stars:

Asser Yassin, Bassel El-Khayat, Naglaa Badr


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