The new school of architecture has finally arrived in Egypt! Qubix, Egypt’s first specialized Cargotecture Design Studio are brining the concept to life in the form of homes, office spaces, restaurants, retail shops, and even large scale private villas!


Cargotecture is considered to be better than the alternatives because all Cargotecture based designs are eco-friendly, very strong, cost and time efficient, are built completely offsite and are mobile, allowing you to easily move your Cargotecture structure anywhere you want to go, which also happens to be one of the services offered by Qubix!


The founders of Qubix (Karim Rafla & Youssef Farag) aim to make people all over the country realize the endless potential of Cargotecture and render brick & mortar buildings an “antiquated building methodology”.


Qubix will Design, Develop, and Deploy. Meaning once they acquire your needs, a tailored design will be created just for you, which will then be manufactured in their factory and delivered to your premises as a ‘Turn Key’ solution.


Contact Details:




Facebook: @qubixstudios

Instagram: @qubixstudios


Website: www.qubixstudios.com

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