Outings & Activities in Sahel This Summer


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Outings & Activities in Sahel This Summer

When fleeing a very stressful city like Cairo, spending your summer vacation at the North Coast must be activity-packed and also relaxing. On that note, we’ve compiled a complete list of great activities that will be taking place at the North Coast this summer, for both adults and children. 



  1. Almaza Bay

Les Elfes


Almaza Bay is taking over the camping world by introducing Les Efles for summer 2016; Les Efles is one of the biggest names in children and teenage camping. The camp is designed to enhance kids’ creativity, challenge their athletic capabilities, build their confidence, help them take responsibility, and strengthen their teamwork.



  1. Amwaj

This summer Amwaj will span regular weekend events by the pool and at The Bartender venue. The pool and “The Bartender” will be hosting two parties each week. Each party will include two live bands from Egypt’s local scene.

Ciel Beach
Ciel beach will include a touch of El Gouna’s unique restaurants like MazaGouna the famous Lebanese restaurant


The Pool

The Pool area will become one of Sahel’s morning hotspots for pool parties. Each party with host two local DJs including acts like Omar EL Sabh, A-Squared, Marc Wahba, Minus T, and Man-O among others.

The Bartender
The Bartender will similarly host two parties per weekend, hosting around 400 guests, each party with two live bands such as Funk Off, the Cadillacs, and the Meteors Project, as well as Urban themed nights with artists and DJs like Ramie Djunkie and Dubzy & co.

  1. Bianchi

For an unforgettable summer experience, Bianchi combines everything you need in one place while you get to enjoy the ultimate sea-side retreat as a getaway.


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WellSpring (Summer Day Camps 6-12 years old)

If you’re searching for something new and beneficial for your kids, WellSpring is the right place. It’s a summer camp that is dedicated to helping youth and families live from the inside out. Featuring a creative blend of character-based programs that help in nurturing and developing strong values.

Elite International Soccer AcademyFor all those who are trying to keep up with an interesting sport like football, Bianchi is featuring the leading soccer academy in Egypt this summer for both boys and girls of all ages. Elite International Soccer Academy is equipped with foreign and internationally certified coaching staff. It offers the highest quality of coaching and tournaments for both adults and youngsters.


No need to worry about your fitness when you’re spending your summer vacation at the North Coast, IGNITE has got you covered. IGNITE will be offering fitness programs that are sure to push you out of your comfort zone.


  1. Diplo

For an unforgettable summer experience in one of the most crowded meeting points in the North Coast…  now upgraded to ensure a fun packed summer. 


Diplo’s Bazaar Street


Known for its unique bazaar street which features all the big restaurants and brands in Egypt including a fast-food dinning area.

Beach Club House

This year Diplo is offering all kinds of sports in one place, from football, basketball, air-hockey, and beach volleyball to Ping-Pong, billiard, and a kids’ play area. 


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  1. Hacienda Bay


Lake Yard


The largest food court in the North Coast is Lake Yard by Hacienda Bay, you will find everything you need to spoil your taste buds, from Egyptian, Italian, Lebanese, Mexican, to Asian Cuisines. As for the shopping you’ll find more than one outlet, which offers different accessories and clothes for the beach.
Bayside is located in a unique destination on Egypt’s pristine North Coast, hosting daily events, in addition to serving the coolest cocktails.




When hospitality meets wisdom, and desire meets satisfaction, eloquence is born. That’s exactly what 6IXDEGREES is trying to achieve. This summer it will be rocking the North Coast with its weekly parties throughout the summer of 2016.

Beach Fit
For all athletes, Egypt’s leading health and fitness entity, dedicated to offering premium fitness services to both professional athletes and the general public is available at Beach Fit.



  1. Hacienda White



You’re missing a lot if you didn’t have the chance to have lunch at the leading oriental restaurant Andrea in Hacienda White. Going back to basics, Andrea is located on a high hill with a spectacular view and delicious oriental food.




This summer Hacienda brings us top-rated restaurant Sachi by the Sea. It will be set in a prime location on the beach to meet all you cravings while you chill with a spectacular view.
Artastic Camp


A specialized art camp for children where different art mediums are provided to help children mold their character, motor skills, and encourage their imagination. Artastic camp will be opening its doors this summer starting from the 17th of July till the end of August.



  1. La Vista

The Avenue

La Vista is opening a bazaar street to meet all your needs like fast-food outlets, restaurants, furniture stores, shopping and much more. 


Leap is the first nursery school serving the North Coast, which teaches kids arts, crafts, gardening and beach activities. They also work till mid-night, so you can drop your kids before an outing.


Fun Makers

Fun Makers is a kids’ park with inflatables for your children to have fun while enjoying the sea.


For the first time in Egypt, find the novel that will be your companion at the beach, upon reading it; you will be heading back for more books. 


  1. LA Vista Cascada


For the first time in the North Coast, a place that offers yoga and peace of mind, YallaYoga is an innovative social enterprise with both a yoga educational institute and a healthy lifestyle community center, which offers a variety of courses. 


  1. Telal


CrossFit Hitters

Train and stay fit by the sea at Telal is with CrossFit Hitters this summer. H.I.T-High Intensity Training- is a fitness based entity that delivers various fitness programs that suit different fitness levels. All training sessions are thoroughly supervised by certified cross-fit trainers.

U-Bistro & Bar
This summer, Telal is raising the bar by introducing U-Bistro & Bar to the North Coast community. U-Bistro will be located on the beach serving us what our taste-buds really need.


Adress book:
Almaza Bay Camp By Les Elfes

Address: North Coast-km37 East Mersa Matruh,Egypt.
Phone: +20 46 436 00 00


Ciel Beach, Amwaj
Address: Amwaj, Sidi Abdelrahman
Phone: 16033

The Bartender, Amwaj
Address: Amwaj, Sidi Abdelrahman

WellSpring, Bianchi

Address: Bianchi, Sidi Abdelrahman

Phone: 01280811185

Elite International Soccer Academy, Bianchi
Address: Bianchi, Sidi Abdelrahman
Phone: 01094900892

Ignite, Bianchi
Address: Bianchi, Sidi Abdelrahman
Phone: 01222367410

Bayside, Hacienda bay

Address: Hacienda Bay, Sidi Abdelrahman

Cabanas reservation 01279409700/01279409701
Dinner Reservation: 01279898966

6IX Degrees, Hacienda bay
Address: Hacineda bay, Sidi Abdelrahman
Phone: 01276666426

Artastic Camp, Hacienda White
Address: Hacienda White, Sidi Abdelrahman

Phone: 0106695154

Mail: [email protected]


Leap, La Vista

Address: La Vista, Sidi Abdelrahman
Phone: 01013888855/66

Alef, La Vista
Adress: La Vista, Sidi Abdelrahman
Phone: 01000026627

YallaYoga, La Vista

Address: La Vista, Sidi Abdelrahman
Phone: 01278663371

CrossFit Hitters, Telal
Address: Telal, Sidi Abdelrahman
Phone: 01000450010/01001131664

U Bistro & Bar, Telal
Address: Telal, Sidi Abdelrahman
Phone: 01007204094

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