Organizing Your Wardrobe IS AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3!


By Lydia Schoonderbeek

Struggling with your wardrobe? If so you’re probably one of the thousands of women with fashion fatigue. Taking out stuff you don’t need can be hard but this is the best time to reorganize your closet and donate any extra or unwanted items.

Find out the best way to de-clutter and organize your wardrobe and the essentials every wardrobe should have.

Use Proper Hangers

Proper clothing care calls for appropriate hangers: satin padding for more delicate items and sturdy wood hangers for tailored jackets. Please do not use plastic hangers, it ruins the shape of the items you are hanging.

Don’t Hang Bags on Hooks

Hanging your bags makes large bags slump and lose shape. Instead it’s best to lay the bags flat on a shelf.

See Your Shoes

Make sure that all your shoes are organized by color and type. For example all your ballet pumps need to be grouped together and then by color. You should apply this to sandals, closed shoes, boots, flip-flops, trainers…etc.!

Stow Out-of-Season Pieces

Use large canvas boxes to store away neatly folded winter sweaters or clothes that haven’t been worn. The general rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it for 2 years you need to consider giving it away.

Store Accessories in Clear Plastic Drawers

Clear plastic drawers make perfect storage quarters for neatly rolled scarves, underwear, swimwear and belts (do not hang your belts, it creates a busy space, instead roll each belt up individually and store in separate compartments).

Denim should be folded

Denim jeans need to be folded according to the cut of the jeans, hanging your jeans ruins the shape and fabric of your denim.

Group denims by category: Skinny, Boyfriend, Loose cut, Casual and Dressy.

“ I have enough clothes and shoes, I don’t need to go shopping,” said no woman ever.

Categorize Clothing

It will make putting outfits together a lot easier. Group clothing by category and then by color:

  • Dresses: Party, summer, and beach
  • Trousers: Classic cut, casual/everyday
  • Party dresses, summer dresses, beach dresses
  • Tops: Dressy, casual, work
  • Workout clothes: Need to have a separate drawer

Color-Code Your Wardrobe

Color coding your clothes is probably the easiest way to both sort out your wardrobe and figure out what pieces you need to buy on your next shopping trip. Without a clear layout of your clothes, you can’t see what skirt color you are missing, or if you need another skirt in the first place.

Eliminate Clutter

Wardrobe Nirvana? To streamline your space, constantly eliminate clutter: Every three to four months donate unused items to charity.

Have a big wardrobe clear out twice a year. Edit your summer wardrobe put everything away for the winter and vice versa. This way it will be clear in your mind what you have worn and what not and it won’t be as hard to part with.

10 Essential Wardrobe Must-Haves:

1. A Plain white t-shirt: It goes with everything and makes it all a lot better. You’ll wear yours under a blazer, tucked into a high-waist skirt/trousers or with cutoffs …you get the idea.

2. Black Leggings: Whether you wear them as pants with an oversize sweater, under billowy dresses for extra coverage, or kicking around running errands, black leggings are a must-have.

3. Ballet Flats: Chicer than sneakers and more comfy than heels, ballet flats are the best of both worlds.

4. A Skin-Tone-Matching Vest: A skin-tone-matching vest is about as basic as it gets. Layer it under sheer blouses or dresses to avoid overexposure.

5. A Black Cardigan: Black cardigans are seasonless, timeless, and effortlessly chic.

6. Classic Heels: Stock your wardrobe with a great basic, goes-with-everything pair of heels.

7. Dark Denim: Flattering and timeless, a great pair of dark jeans can do wonders for any woman’s wardrobe.

8. A White Blouse: Nothing says “I have my act together” like a crisp white shirt.

9. A Little Black Dress: When you find the perfect LBD…buy two!

10. Classic Black Pants: Black pants are slimming and are a wardrobe staple.

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