Nutrigenomix: Your Totally Personalised Weight Control Solution


Near the top of everyone’s wish list must be a scientific and reliable way of staying in great health and trim shape without the frustrations of yo-yo dieting and exercise routines that don’t seem right. The key to success lies in accepting that what works for one person, may not work for another.

Why? Because each of us has our own unique DNA, which contains our genetic disposition and body characteristics. Cairo West Magazine caught up with leading nutritionist Dr. Sherry Nabil of Bloom and InShape Clinics, to learn about the revolutionary new program that has changed the shape of dieting.

CWM: Dr. Sherry, what makes Nutrigenomix different from any other diet and fitness program?

SN: Nutrigenomix is a new scientifically founded discipline based on the body’s genes. It allows us to understand the way our genes affect our individual response to the foods, beverages and supplements we consume. Everyone metabolizes food in a different way, so fats, protein and carbohydrates are not actually processed in the same manner by everyone. That is why some of the much-publicized diets like Atkins or the Ketogenic diet can work for one individual and not another.

You might need a higher or lower ratio of protein, or a different ratio of carbohydrates. It is important to understand that 80 percent of diabetes and hypertension cases are preventable if you abide by the correct dietary guidelines for your genes. The amount of salt and caffeine consumed is key, as well as avoiding consumption of high-glycemic foods if you show susceptibility to Type 2 diabetes. There are three degrees of food allergies in gluten and lactose. You could have a mild, moderate or severe allergy to these, according to the specific gene you have.

You also need to look at the way you exercise or work out at the gym.  Some people are more suited to strength training, and others to endurance, depending on the muscle fibers. This is especially useful for athletes and for children if you know their muscle type. If they haven’t chosen a sport to follow you can make a selection based on what works best for them.

The test also helps identify vitamin deficiencies. You could be lacking in iron, vitamin D, calcium or folate.

With a simple test you can have your DNA analyzed, and get a full picture of you. It covers weight management and body composition, nutrient metabolism, eating habits, cardiometabolic health, food intolerances, food allergies and physical activity. This gives your nutritionist enough information to formulate the diet and exercise plan that is geared to work for you.

So many diets are tough to follow, with complicated rules and often a lack of essential nutrients. Bloom creates a tailored Nutrigenomix program that has the A to Z of everything you will need. This means menus, recipes and even shopping lists of items you will require. This eliminates the time-consuming details tasks from your schedule, leaving you free to get on with your daily life.

What tests are involved and how can I have them done?

Bloom can arrange for the necessary test. One simple saliva test is based on 45 genetic markers, each of which gives information towards building a picture of your personal response to food and exercise. You can even see what allergies and intolerances to certain foods you have. At present, samples are taken here and then the tests are conducted in Nutrigenomix laboratory at the University of Toronto in Canada. The program is supported by the highest levels of research by this leading institution.

Is it mainly focused on weight loss, or is it a general health-based plan?

The program is not just about undergoing a limited duration diet. It is about discovering what works best for you, so you can go forward knowing which foods to use freely, which to reduce or avoid, and what type of exercise works most effectively for your metabolism. Armed with recipes, menus and ongoing support you can make this a new lifestyle, something tailored to boost your vitality and overall health while helping you reach and maintain your optimum weight and fitness level.

You will be equipped with the knowledge to make this an informed improvement in your eating habits on a long-term basis. By avoiding foods that do not agree with you there will be less bloating and discomfort after eating and fewer digestive problems. Athletic performance can also be boosted as specific nutrients that your body utilizes efficiently can be included in your eating program. This will aid heart health and unlock your genetic potential.

Is the program easy to follow?

Your nutritionist will set up your program, which includes food and exercise requirements, and a wide range of recipe ideas to select from. All these recipes will be nutritionally balanced, tasty and tailored to your body’s requirements. There is ongoing support on a 24/7 basis through WhatsApp and if you need to be out of town for any reason you can pre-book an appointment ahead of time.

How long would it take to feel the benefits?

You should feel better from day one. By cutting or reducing foods that conflict with your DNA and adding ones that suit your system, your body should respond quickly. Excess weight should drop off, while enhanced absorption of vital nutrients will see a general improvement across the board, in your vitality as well as healthier skin, hair and nails.

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