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Adorning the Body with the Unconventional By Nahla Samaha   Knowing Nina Bakry is knowing a world where color, culture, art and life collide. Evident in her own personal fashion and décor style, Bakry has an eye for the unconventional and the flamboyant. Putting her aesthetic vision to work, Bakry fulfilled a life-long dream of creating her own jewelry line after years of making (self-taught) pieces. After enrolling in the Azza Fahmy Design Studio workshop, Bakry launched Nina Bakry Body Jewelry in 2014, and has catapulted to immense popularity locally and regionally since! Cairo East Magazine met with the designer to learn more about her line. The first thing we were curious to inquire about was what exactly is “Body Jewelry”? “Body Jewelry enhances any part of the body, not just the conventional parts like the arms or ears or neck,” says Bakry, “it plays by no rules, an arm cuff that can be worn on the leg, a chain that can be worn around the torso, a neck-piece that can be work on the head. It’s adaptable and can be something different every time you wear it.” Which all sounds well and good, and quite apt for the hot summer months when arms, legs, and even sometimes backs are bare. But what about the winter? “Because my pieces are adaptable, they can transform an entire outfit. In the winter, the cuff you wore on your arm in the summer, can now be worn on your sleeve, ear cuffs, head pieces, rings, can all add flavor and new character to an outfit and make it stand out more. A back piece can be worn in the front over a sweater; a leg cuff can be worn over leggings. The sky is the limit with your imagination!” she explains. But isn’t the local market saturated with jewelry designers? Every day you hear about a new designer popping up on Instagram or Facebook, “I believe what sets me apart from the rest is that I don’t follow trends,” asserts Bakry, “I don’t create conventional pieces. I am trying to redefine what jewelry is and how it should be worn.” And redefine she has done indeed, her unique pieces have come to fill a lack in the jewelry design business, literally and figuratively. “When choosing a piece of jewelry to enhance an outfit look for the empty space and fill it,” advises Bakry. “Wearing a backless halter? Wear a back piece. Wearing a sleeveless tee? Wear an arm cuff. Wearing a busy top? Enhance it subtly with rings. Wearing an all black dress? Wear an ear cuff to make your face stand out!” But not all aspiring designers have what it takes to make it. What makes a good designer according to Bakry is, “Perseverance. No matter the obstacles, don’t get discouraged, where there’s a will, there’s a way!”   Photography: Aisha El Shabrawy Styling: Sundos El Ayoub Makeup: Soha Khoury Hair: Raffi

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