Mistiqa in Gezira Club, Zamalek


Gezira Club’s vast garden is where oriental cuisine specialists, Mistiqa takes place. Open air restauarnt in Zamalek Mistiqa is the place where you can drink fresh juice and eat the night away. Mustafa, the friendly and well-informed branch manager, was eager to boast what he has in store, whilst the Shish Tawook’s flavorsome aroma coming from the outdoor grill tickled our noses and made our mouths water.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Mistiqa’s menu includes oriental classics, a wide variety of cold and hot mezze dishes, salads, and fresh juices. We let Mustafa make the choices for us as he was eager to ‘wow’ us with the restaurant’s signature dishes.

Mustafa started us off with grilled kebda, immaculately seasoned in lemon and cumin to break its iron flavor, the grilled kebda was perfectly complemented with the accompanying baba ghanoush. The baladi bread was fresh out of the oven, steaming hot and delicious. We were also presented with impressive kofta served with French fries. The kofta was seasoned and cooked to perfection and taste amazing after a quick dip in the tahina.

As mains, we started with the signature grilled half-chicken. The chicken was covered with a light flavorsome herby crust which we loved.  After smelling the flavor coming from the outdoor grill where Shish Tawook skewers were being cooked, we had to try it! The tender and juicy chicken cubes were presented on top of each other in the center of a white plate, with grilled green pepper and tomatoes, creating a pretty color contrast. The beautiful presentation didn’t last too long, and after a couple photos for our Instagram account (we had to!), we feasted and cleansed our palates with a fresh cold Lemon and Mint, just perfect!

Other Menu Options that Appealed

Mistiqa’s menu includes most classic and authentic oriental dishes. For appetizers, the Vine Leaves and the Hawawshi definitely looked tempting. As mains, the classic Mix Grill is another option that sounded appealing. Mistiqa also offers a wide range of fresh juices.


Décor & Ambience

A fresh garden feel, white wooden dining tables are set up around big beautiful old trees and large canvas parasols. We could hear birds chirping and the bushes moving with the evening breeze. The outdoor cooking grill leaves a flavorsome aroma in the air, and plays a part in opening your appetite. At the back of the garden is a smaller indoor area, surrounded by glass walls and a TV which will come in handy on the days of big sporting events. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the signature dishes and how they are cooked. The restaurant also includes large tables for the bigger groups.

Clientele mix:  The clientele includes big groups and families. As it is located at the sports club, groups of moms who are waiting for their children to finish their various trainings can be seen indulging in fresh juices or simply having coffee and chatting away. You’ll also see men in suits having business meetings or simply grabbing a bite after work.

Price range: Mid-expensive

Contact Information

Opening Hours: 8 am – 11 pm
Address: Gezira Club Main Entrance, Zamalek
Tel:  0114 000 0044 / 0114 066 6660
Facebook / Instagram: @mistiqaeg

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