Men of the Zodiac: What Your Star Sign Says About You


By Maeri Frances

Can we let you in on a little secret? We know that there are men out there who regularly check out their monthly horoscope in our magazines. Without giving any names away, we dedicate this to you! If you know your rising sign, don’t forget that it can have an influence on how you appear to others as well.

Aries: 21st March – 20th April

You are not the first sign in the zodiac for nothing. If anyone can come up with a plan, it has to be you. Ruled by the fiery planet Mars, you don’t back down from a challenge, or a fight, and can have a hair-trigger temper at times. Ardent and passionate about what you do, your macho enthusiasm can inspire others. This suits you, as you can then delegate and get cracking on something new.
Best points: Self-confident, energetic
Worst points: Impatient, impulsive
Famous Aries men: Russell Crowe (actor), Quentin Tarantino (director), Eric Clapton (musician), Hassan Fathy (architect), Leonardo Da Vinci (artist/inventor)

Taurus: 21st April – 21st May

Comfort loving, sensual and dependable, you may not be the most flexible person to deal with. But hey, your stubborn side can also make you really reliable; so don’t sweat the small stuff. You can be a hopeless romantic, a gourmand and lover of the finer things in life. Nobody can question your taste. You are generally patient, but if someone pushes those buttons a bit too hard your rage is truly a spectacle to behold. Doesn’t happen often though…
Best points: Affectionate, supportive
Worst points: Materialistic, possessive
Famous Taurus men: Adel Emam (actor), Al Pacino (actor), David Beckham (football player), George Clooney (actor), Rami Malek (actor)

Gemini: 22nd May – 21st June

Versatile, easily bored, inventive and a bundle of fun. Bipolar, many faceted, or maybe two-faced? Who cares? The main thing is that you are great to spend time with. Both witty and quick-witted, your mind can be razor sharp, with a quick tongue to match. You are usually at the heart of any social group, but don’t like being pinned down for too long. You are blessed with an agile mind but can be superficial at times; lengthy discourses are not your cup of tea.
Best points: Ingenious, lively
Worst points: Evasive, inconsistent
Famous Gemini men: Che Guevara (revolutionary), Clint Eastwood (actor), Donald Trump (US presidential candidate), Johnny Depp (actor), Kanye West (musician)

Cancer: 22nd June – 22nd July

Intuitive, caring, protective, and great family men, you Cancer guys are the answer to many a maiden’s prayers. You feel deeply, and can be sensitive and a bit moody at times. Maybe it’s the connection with the Moon, it seems that Cancer men seem to know how to empathize with the fairer sex as well. Can be great chefs, and are generally happy anywhere near the sea. Can be excellent at handling finances, their own or anyone else’s.
Best points: Imaginative, sympathetic
Worst points: Touchy, dependent
Famous Cancer men: Carlos Santana (musician), Danny Glover (actor), Ernest Hemingway (writer), Franz Kafka (writer), Harrison Ford (actor)

Leo: 23rd July – 21st August

We can hear that regal roar from here. King of any domain you choose, nobody should dispute your charismatic air. Even if you are not the boss, you probably behave as if you were. Big-hearted, generous to a fault at times, you love to put on a show. Not always willing to share the limelight, you are a great raconteur, and add a dramatic flair to most things you do. You have creative genius at times, and are generally good with kids. After all, you are still one at heart, right?
Best points: Dignified, proud
Worst points: Autocratic, vain
Famous Leo men: Antonio Banderas (actor), Carl Jung (psychoanalyst), Fidel Castro (leader), Henry Ford (entrepreneur), Mick Jagger (musician)

Virgo: 22nd August – 23rd September

Are you the quiet guy in the corner over there? You may look calm and detached, but we can be sure that you haven’t missed a detail of what is going on. Mr. Virgo can be called a fussy eater and a neat-freak too, although many go to the opposite extreme. Whichever camp you fall in, your surroundings and diet do seem to have a big influence on your mental and physical health. You often run the risk of over-working, or mental burnout. There’s also a kind heart buried under that slightly nerdy exterior, you just need show it a bit more often.
Best points: Modest, intelligent
Worst points: Critical, perfectionist
Famous Virgo men: Tom Ford (fashion designer/film director), Freddie Mercury (musician), Hugh Grant (actor), Johann von Goethe (statesman/writer), Michael Jackson (musician)

Libra: 24th September – 23rd October

Gracious, stylish, debonair… ok, what else are you waiting for? Alright, often devastatingly handsome as well, Libra is a fixture on all the right guest lists. You have perfectly honed manners; can be counted on to charm every woman in the room, from tots to dowagers. Being ruled by Venus, the sign of beauty, you also have a strong artistic and creative streak, whether you use it or merely collect objets d’art. A tad lazy at times, but at least you are decorative.
Best points: Diplomatic, romantic
Worst points: Indecisive, flirtatious
Famous Libra men: Amr Diab (singer), Eugene O’Neill (playwright), Matt Damon (actor), Luciano Pavarotti (tenor), Bruce Springsteen (musician)

Scorpio: 24th October – 22nd November

Brooding, mysterious, enigmatic, and magnetic, you have people guessing all the time. And that’s the way you like to keep it. Not one to share your secrets, you can keep people at a distance, while somehow managing to convince them that they are part of your inner sanctum. Powerful and manipulative, you have finely tuned intuition, and can sense a mood or pick up on a lie in a flash. Nobody is going to fool you easily – just let them try!
Best points: Magnetic, passionate
Worst points: Jealous, controlling
Famous Scorpio men: Bill Gates (entrepreneur), Leonardo DiCaprio (actor), Martin Scorsese (film director), Mohamed El Khatib (Egyptian football player), Pablo Picasso (artist)

Sagittarius: 23rd November – 22nd December

Honest, blunt, occasionally tactless, you generally place truth above all else. Unless of course a little creative fact-tailoring serves your purposes better. You can be counted on to support worthy causes, fight against injustice, and protect the weak. Actually, just think of any superhero and you have Sagittarius nailed. Sagittarians are great sportsmen and team players, so if you are not working out in the gym you are probably glued to the latest football match. Your good humour makes you popular, so long as you skip the practical jokes.
Best points: Funny, optimistic
Worst points: Irresponsible, reckless
Famous Sagittarius men: Brad Pitt (actor), Jimmy Hendrix (musician), Pablo Escobar (drug lord), Steven Spielberg (film director), Walt Disney (entrepreneur)

Capricorn: 23rd December – 20th January

Single-minded at times, you are usually on a trajectory to the top. Your ability to think long term, and act strategically is second to none; ambition could be your middle name. Born for the boardroom… Practical to a fault at times, you may be considered callous or cold-hearted. However, those who really know you will have seen your softer side. You are responsible, organized, efficient… yes, but also unexpectedly cuddly when the right mood hits. Ladies, take note!
Best points: Responsible, determined
Worst points: Unemotional, stingy
Famous Capricorn men: Al Capone (gangster), Denzel Washington (actor), Elvis Presley (actor/musician), Mel Gibson (actor), Muhammed Ali (boxer)

Aquarius: 21st January – 22nd February

Everyone’s buddy, a truly egalitarian soul, you are loved by many, but understood by few. Is it because you see yourself as just a part of the universe, an interconnected cog in the big wheel? Not one to be hemmed in or pinned down, your free spirit is happy to spend time furthering good causes, on life-changing innovations, technology or anything but household routine and changing nappies. You can make a great spouse, just lay out the guidelines from the get go.
Best points: Democratic, humanitarian
Worst points: Eccentric, detached
Famous Aquarius men: Abraham Lincoln (US president), Christian Dior (fashion designer), Cristiano Ronaldo (football player), Ed Sheeran (musician), Omar Gaber (Egyptian football player)

Pisces: 24th February – 20th March

Born to be loved. Emotional, sensitive, imaginative, day-dreamer that you are, it seems that you can give you heart away too easily at times. You have the ability to enchant and mesmerise, drawing friends and loved ones into your mystical idea of the world. Even though you can play the 9-5 life as well as anyone, you have a special rapport with art, film, music, books, and theatre; anything that can transport you to a place where your spirit can roam free.
Best points: Kind-hearted, idealistic
Worst points: Dreamer, escapist
Famous Pisces men: Albert Einstein (scientist), Bruce Willis (actor), Daniel Craig (actor), Justin Bieber (musician), Steve Jobs (entrepreneur)

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