Your Love Forecast for 2020


By Maeri Frances

Besotted, or bewildered? All loved up, or feeling blue? Let’s see how your love life is shaping up for the year ahead. Venus is the planet of love, but you need to look at the bigger picture as well.

P.S. Don’t forget to read your rising sign as well if you know it.


Venus spends February in your Solar 1st House, so you should invest in a few beauty items. This is the time to work on your appearance, and attract attention for all the right reasons. The period from late October through November is good for drawing closer to your special someone, or taking a relationship to a more committed level. Avoid letting career issues impact your close emotional ties.


You should bloom during March, as Venus lights up your birth sign. Throw in some quirky energy from Uranus and you have a dazzling combo that will make you stand out from the crowd. While it is fun to attract, you value your freedom these days and are not really looking to settle down. Married folks may need a little more breathing space to pursue hobbies and travel urges this year.


Your key periods are April and December, so if you are still unattached, use your mercurial charm to best effect then. Late October also holds some promise for the unattached, and pleasant moments for those already hitched. It will be important to maintain a less erratic and impulsive approach to relationships, you can shoot yourself in the foot at times.


You have been dealing with a heavy hitting Saturn-Pluto team up in your relationship sector for quite a while now. This could have been tearing a relationship at the seams, or placing a burden on your shoulders. Now, with the transit of Jupiter, things will brighten and you will be able to work towards solutions. Make the most of the period from early August to early September to mend bridges.


This year introduces a new mood into your love life. It could be viewed as a testing time, where you need to evaluate your current relationship, or lack thereof, or buckle down and show a stronger commitment. How you handle this will reflect on where you stand as December rolls around, when Jupiter enters your 7th house. New opportunities open up then for the unattached, and existing relationships reach a new level of maturity.

Virgo: If you used your time wisely during January your relationships should be looking quite healthy. Things look good for October, when you could see someone new enter your life. Truth be told, you haven’t really been looking for warm fuzziness in your emotional life recently. Other matters have taken a priority. When Jupiter enters the picture in December however, you may be more approachable.


Use Venus’s charm in smoothing over any bumps in a close relationship this February, it is Valentine’s month after all! It must be admitted that you could be preoccupied with work, family and home matters throughout a lot of the year, but as October draws to a close you should be in the mood for a little more romance. It also helps that domestic life should see a big improvement by year end.


March may see you putting extra effort where a relationship is concerned, and by the close of 2020 it should be apparent that this has paid off. Uranus is transiting your Solar 7th house, throwing all sorts of challenges your way. Things could be going through an off-on phase, or a spouse could be obliged to be away for periods during the year. Rather than obsessing and trying to control things, try to see the positives in this, each reunion could be intense!


April will be important for reaching out for support from your significant other. Times may have been tough financially in recent months, and while this may have cemented your bond, it would be nice to have a little fun in your lives again. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, has been keeping your mood upbeat, and thankfully will help finances by the end of 2020. December is really your month this year, well worth waiting for.


Life seems to have been all about responsibilities and setting structure. What fun! Isn’t it time you loosened up a bit and spent time on having some lighter moments? Jupiter is entering your sign, possibly adding a few extra kilos and a much more optimistic view on life. Summertime of 2020 is a high point in your year, so hit the beach, get together with friends and, if unattached, be ready for interesting new faces to enter your life. Or even someone from your past.


Independent as you are, you prefer to go it alone rather than burden close ones with issues you feel you should handle yourself. This can make you appear aloof at times, and can be confusing for people who really, truly do care about you. There has been a lot brewing beneath the surface in your life, with an unsettled feeling. Yes, you love change, but on your own terms! The end of summer looks rosy for getting closer to a special person, or meeting a kindred spirit.


Friends have been a mainstay in your life for a while, with all their ups and downs and complications. You have such a soft shoulder to cry on! This has left little time for more intimate relationships and may have impacted your marriage or other close ties. As Jupiter moves into Capricorn, friendships may feel a lift and become the joy they should be. Your most romantic period should be October, something to look forward to.

Our monthly horoscopes are brought to you by Maeri Frances, a consulting astrologer with over 30 years’ experience. Exclusive to our publications, we brings tips for each Sun sign on how to avoid the pitfalls and ride the highs with each month’s horoscopes.

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