Lodge’s Lasagna Dello Chef 


Try this twist on the classic lasagna, courtesy of Chef Carlo of Lodge in New Cairo. Chef Carlo hails from Naples and says every region in Italy has their own way of preparing pizza and lasagna.


400 gr of lasagna pasta

300 gr mince beef

2 boild eggs

100 gr ricotta cheese

200gr buffalo mozzarella

80 gr parmesan cheese

250 gr Tomato sauce

50 grams of green peas



Put the tomato sauce in the tray. Add a layer of lasgna and cover it with 1/4 from all ingredients and repeat this step four times. Cover with tomato sauce with parmesan cheese to give the coating a crispy golden color.

Bake in oven 190 degrees for 40mins covered with foil paper. Remove the tray from the oven and move to  the grill for the final 5 minutes and take the foil away to have the crispy effect.


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