By Hilary Diack


Who doesn’t like a break from routine? A month hitchhiking through South America, a week in the south of France, or a package trip to Rome with your office buddies, it all works for us. We also love browsing through some of the great travel blogs and websites online, giving us a chance to pick up ideas and do a spot of armchair travelling while we remain shackled to our desks.

Sweet Seduction

Oh, do we ever love those amazing photos and tempting deals! How do they manage to track down the dreamiest locations and options for all budgets?


Niche Travelling

Condé Nast hasn’t maintained its global position in the world of publishing without putting in some solid work; their Traveller magazine has been a shining example of this for years. Some samples of this month’s coverage: ‘London for Foodies’, ‘What’s up, Languedoc?’ and ‘The Best Swimming Pools in the World’.


Still a Lonely Planet

Tattered and well- thumbed copies of Lonely Planet Guides have been decorating many a bookshelf since they started in 1972. In the days before Internet, (OK, so maybe you weren’t born then); they were the resource of choice for any traveller wanting real advice and tips on travel to exotic locations.


Seek Advice

An invaluable tool for checking out a location, hotel, or restaurant before you go, Trip Advisor offers candid and informative reviews and photos to help you get the best out of your holiday.


Travel Smart

For a spot of fun and great tips this is worth checking out. FoxnoMad shows you the tips, tricks, and tech you can use to travel smarter in every country in the world.


Living Vicariously Online

Meet Dave and Deb of The Planet D, a site for would-be travellers who just need a gentle nudge to embrace adventure travel themselves. Their entertaining blogs take you to some off-the-beaten-track locales, almost as good as being there yourself.


On The Road Again

To Wes Nations travelling low to the ground, taking ground transport where possible, and travelling as the locals do is the ideal way to experience a place. He took to the road years ago and has been to some amazing places. Join him with his blog.




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