Summer Travel Options For Those looking To Travel Without A Visa


As we get closer to our much-anticipated summer vacations, Egyptians are now planning to go to the North Coast or could be planning a vacation abroad. Good luck with that, we say!

When it seems that you can’t get a Schengen visa appointment until summer is a distant memory, and the cost of a Sa7el holiday is ludicrous, remember that there are several countries Egyptians can travel to and receive a visa upon their arrival.

These countries should be on every Egyptian’s bucket list as they all have their own perks and sights to see. Check out our finds.


In contrast to other countries, Bolivia requires certain COVID-19-related documents to indicate whether a tourist is safe to enter the country or not. They require a vaccination certificate as well as a PCR test that needs to be taken at least three days before the trip in order to be allowed into the country.

During this time of year it is not as warm as Egypt, it’s actually quite chilly since their climate ranges between anywhere from 14 to 20 degrees celsius. But their temperature is key to producing the largest salt flat in the world at the Salar De Uyuni. Y

ou can also bike across the North Yungas Road and find a million other things to do just because of the beautiful views in Bolivia. Activities are very, very cheap as the country offers prices that are too good to be true and any tourist can easily stay there in a decent hotel, eat good food, and enjoy activities all on a budget.


One of Africa’s treasures, Ghana is also another place Egyptians can visit and receive a visa upon arrival. Likewise, they require the same COVID-19 related documents to ensure the safety of the people in the country as well as the tourists.

Not as hot as Egypt, as their temperatures fluctuate daily between 23 to 28 degrees. The weather is especially nice and temperate at all the beautiful beaches they have, including the Bojo beach and Labadi Pleasure beach.

The Makola market is their very own “Khan Al Khalili” and people all over the country go there to get their shopping done and look for their favorite merchandise. Ghana is relatively expensive for an African country but there are definitely deals and bargains you can make, just make sure to take some extra money to be on the safe side.


Everyone’s bucket list destination, the Maldives has no COVID-19 travel restrictions and no documents of proof are required. The weather in the Maldives is very similar to that of Ghana as the hottest day barely reaches 30 degrees.

Even though lots of people always talk about going there, it is obviously very expensive all year round. Various budget travelers have discussed how they actually spent a great day with good food and activities and spent their night there for just about 50 dollars.

People have made things work to their advantage as money was not a complete barrier to having a good time there. The best time to visit is usually in April and November. You can think about doing several things there including canoeing, windsurfing, kayaking, and spending quality time at the beach.


Tanzania is also one of the countries where Egyptians can receive a visa upon arrival. All the same documents related to the COVID-19 are required in order to enter the country. Their weather is not that humid in the summer and has a cool breeze to it which is very enjoyable.

Visiting the famous Mount Kilimanjaro is definitely a must. The Zanzibar beaches won’t disappoint either and you should be sure to visit any of them to take in that view. The country is full of flora and fauna in such a uniquely beautiful way that can it only be experienced in person and cannot be described in mere words.

Tanzania is a great option, as all the food and activities there are very affordable and won’t break the bank.


Nicaragua has the exact same COVID-19 related requirements that Bolivia enforces. Their climate is also one of those countries that barely surpasses 30 degrees celsius which is a bliss compared to Egypt’s heat.

Another one of those beautiful countries that have volcanoes and islands that you cannot miss out on. The Corn Islands are something out of a movie, the scenery and colors are all easy on the eye.

Lake Nicaragua is also something you have to experience. One of the most affordable places in Central America, people just love living there for all the natural views and just how everything seems convenient and not unlike the lifestyle we have here in Egypt.

8 Beautiful Destinations You Can Travel To This Summer

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