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Le Deck in Sofitel Gezira


Le Deck at Sofitel Gezira

img_9288Head Chef Jordan Prot and Restaurant Manager Antoine Bonfort are creating divine cuisine with friendly, helpful service under the guidance of Michelin-starred Chef Laurent Peugoet to bring you what most would consider one of the best restaurants in Zamalek.

Concept: Luxurious modern cocktail bar and Michelin star restaurant on a floating dock at the Sofitel Gezira Hotel, the perfect location for some Nile-side relaxation.

Type of cuisine: Innovative international cuisine using French ingredients cooked with Japanese techniques.

Beverages: A huge range of perfectly mixed signature cocktails. They also have nautila shisha that serves pure fruit flavours, as the tobacco moves quickly and in a first rate fashion.

Signature dishes: Tomato feta and cucumber, shrimp eggplant with degaku sauce, and a Strawberry tartar with a red pepper sorbet and spume basilica are among the most popular dishes served on a daily basis.


img_8893Dishes sampled: As we was sat down at our table we were welcomed with a spoon of carrot, and jelly of red pepper that was the perfect introduction for what was to follow.

Our appetizer was on the highest level of freshness, the tomato feta and cucumber had a seasonal mix of colored yellow, red, and green tomatoes, sliced cucumber, feta cheese, spume infused with thyme, ice sorbet and soy vinaigrette. Every bite was truly an adventure.

Then came the main course. We were blown away by the perfectly grilled teriyaki sirloin wagyu (beef) that had been marinating for 24 hours in soy and sake, making it absolutely divine. It was coupled with a carrot puree and different multi-colored carrots that really brought out the meat’s flavour.

We couldn’t miss out on the sea-food menu so we went for the roasted shrimp on plancha baby eggplants, and a degaku sauce that is a traditional Japanese sauce based on miso, mirini, and sugar. The presentation was impeccable, the fusion sensation and exotic ingredients all came together in perfect harmony.

Before we got into dessert we were served crispy baladi bread with goat cheese, black sesame and miso paste. It was an epic mixture of cultures from French, to Egyptian, to Japanese.

Then came a beautifully presented fresh strawberry salad, with balsamic vinaigrette, sweet peppers, chili red pepper sorbet, and basil spume. It was mouth-watering to say the least the sweetness of the peppers and the sourness of the sorbet were a combination made in heaven.

The white chocolate-raspberry parfait was the winner of the night. The smoothness of the chocolate mousse, and the tanginess of the flowing raspberry heart give it a superb punch full of flavor.

img_8858Other menu options that appealed: Next time we’re back we will be sure to try the baked salmon fillet, with kimpira, a traditional Japanese vegetable and crustacean seafood vinaigrette.

Ambiance: The venue gently rocks as boats pass by, you can see the city lights shining and also spot the occasional felucca sparkling away as you dine at night

Décor: We were given tablets to browse the menu, it was brilliant as we got to see images of each plate before ordering. It is a modern-chic, hi-tech, interactive open and airy space, a perfect getaway in the heart of the city.

Clientele mix: The atmosphere can fit a romantic date or friends getting together and catching up.

Price range: The Sofitel is one of Cairo’s upper-echelon hotels, and luxury comes at a price -expect to pay for a high quality night out.

Opening hours: 7:30pm till 11pm. Bar is open from 5pm till 1am.

Address: Sofitel El Gezira, 3 El Thawra Council St. Zamalek PO Box 732 El Orman – Giza 11518

Tel: 0114 110 0012.

Facebook page: Le Deck

Instagram: Le Deck Cairo

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