L.A Winter Bazaar: Bringing You Modesty Wrapped by Egyptian Hands


Winter is coming, and finding a pullover that’s not cropped, or a pair of jeans that’s not short became a challenge for modest ladies. But ladies, worry no more, because Lydia Akram is bringing you L.A Winter ’19 Mega Bazaar by hosting 80+ of your favorite local brands in The Park Mall New Cairo on the 29 th of November.

The main purpose behind the bazaar is to support youth and women-owned local businesses by gathering them in one hub and giving them the exposure they deserve. The bazaar gathers diversified Egyptian products for modest ladies (hijabis and non-hijabis) like modest clothes, scarves, turbans, abayas, shoes, bags and accessories. Not only that but also this winter bazaar is now for the whole family; by offering menswear, Egyptian towels, bed sheets, home accessories, kids wear and toys. So let’s just say it will be more of a family shopping spree!

Some of the participating 80+ exhibitors are Le Voile, Elle Abaya Boutique, Kerdan, Roaa Hijab Wear, and a lot more!

“Every piece that will be exhibited in the bazaar is very unique and well-crafted, in addition to the diversity of products that will hopefully satisfy every taste,” says Akram.

And you won’t have to worry about food and beverage, they’ve got your tummy satisfied by bringing By Bike, Mamma’s and The Unicorn and Co. Moreover, our most loved fashion icons and beauty influencers will be there like TV presenter Doaa Farouk, co-founder of Taj Sisters Basma Taj, author Sarah Elzahaby and 20+ more.

There will also be a surprise at the event which is a lucky hour where discounts will drop insanely so you better be there all day in order not to miss it!

This edition of L.A. Bazar will be its second, the predeceasing bazaar was last October with 60+ exhibitors and took place in Tivoli Plaza.

“I really wish people await this market from time to time after they see the quality of the products as well as gain the exhibitors’ trust for the upcoming editions,” says Akram.

For more information visit L.A Market’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

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