Keep your Pets Happy and Healthy in Summer


Summer means holidays, time at the beach and in the garden, for all the family. Don’t forget the wellbeing of your four-legged family members as well! Cairo West Magazine chats with veterinarian Dr. Ramy Eissa about the important things to take care of each summer. And for pets who need a great place to stay while you are out of town, we have rounded up a list of boarding kennels. Of course, you know your pet’s needs better than anyone, so do conduct your own research before taking a decision.


Summer checklist for dogs:

Ticks and fleas:

Summer is high season for insects of all types, and that means you need to be on the lookout for ticks and fleas. Check with your vet or reputable pet supply store for drops that can be applied at the base of your dog’s neck. Most of these applications last around 6 weeks, but should only be applied according to the instructions. They are not suitable for pregnant or nursing dogs, and young pups. The drops should be applied by body weight to be effective.

Most pet shops now stock dog shampoos with anti-tick and flea properties. Many of these use natural ingredients that repel these seasonal pests, and are a suitable     alternative for anyone concerned with the chemical properties of the drops.

Top Tips:

Citrus Juice: Fleas dislike citrus, so try sprinkling some fresh-squeezed lemon, orange or grapefruit juice on your dog’s fur (being careful to avoid the eyes) — and remember lemon juice can lighten dark fur.

Bathing your dog regularly is also important, as fleas are less attracted to clean animals.

Consider a peppermint or Neem shampoo for an added anti-parasite kick.

After the bath, use a flea comb to remove any remaining fleas.

Why not try?

A few drops of cider vinegar in your dog’s drinking water. This works well with cats as well.

After bathing your dog add a little cider vinegar to a jug of water for the final rinse.

To clip or not to clip?

We all suffer as temperatures soar, so imagine being stuck with a layer of winter clothing that you can’t remove. Dogs and cats need access to shade, and should never be left in a garden without protective cover. Leaving your pet on a balcony or roof-top is cruel and unacceptable. The rule of thumb is, treat your pet as you treat yourself. If a situation is beyond your comfort level, odds are that your pet will suffer as well. On holiday, if you want to hang out on the beach for hours with your canine buddy, makes sure that fresh drinking water is available, as well as a sun umbrella big enough for both of you. Commonsense dictates that you should only hit the beach together in the earlier part of the morning, before the heat sets in. And don’t forget the poop scoop!

Egypt’s climate is really not suitable for long-haired breeds, but this hasn’t stopped people going for fluffy, cuddly fur balls. Regular combing and brushing will help remove excess hair that is naturally shed as the weather warms up, but If you must resort to clipping in the summer months, take these points into consideration.

Leave at least one inch of hair when shaving your pet. This gives your pet enough coat to protect from sunburn and air-conditioned rooms. Dog coats have several layers, and these layers are essential to your dog’s comfort in the heat. Robbing your dog of this natural cooling system can lead to discomfort and overheating.

Cats are naturally good at seeking out places to feel cool or warm, and their bodies can adjust to various temperatures. Again, regular brushing to remove hair that is shed normally as summer sets in will make your kitty more comfortable.

Double coated breeds are those that have two layers of fur. The top layer is made of tough guard hairs and the bottom layer is a thick layer of fur called an undercoat. In the spring they go through a major shedding period known as blowing their coat. Much of their undercoat is released to make way for their lighter summer coat.

Single coated breeds can be clipped down to the skin and their fur will grow back very similar to the way it was; this is not the case for double coated breeds like the Husky, Golden Retriever and Old English Sheepdog. By clipping you can risk the undercoat growing back in an irregular way, with the possibility of matting. Please consult your vet before attempting to shave or clip these breeds.


More and more cases are being seen on a daily basis, so before letting your pooch enjoy exploring the area, do your homework. Have there been cases of dogs being poisoned? Are there pesticides or plants that are toxic or potentially harmful? Inspect any closed area thoroughly before letting your pet have a romp, and for the safety of your dog, and in consideration of fellow holiday-makers, keep him on a leash when not on your own property.

If you see your cat or dog eat something that looks suspicious and it shows any of the following symptoms the first course of action should be to call your vet and get guidance. You may need to induce vomiting as a first step before you reach the vet, who will be able to administer suitable antidotes in many cases.

Sudden salivation, foaming of the mouth, gagging, and vomiting

Skin rash or hives

Pawing at the mouth

Sudden diarrhea

Sudden bloody vomit or sudden bloody diarrhea

Staggering, confusion, and circling behavior


Sudden lack of appetite

Muscle rigidity, tremors, or twitches

Loss of consciousness

Difficulty breathing

In all events keep a sample of what was eaten. Poisons that are laid are often highly dangerous for humans as well, so avoid handling with bare hands, or breathing in any of the powder. Use a plastic bag or scoop, and wrap securely. Clear any remaining food that could be poisoned, seal well and dispose of responsibly.

Your pet is dependent on you for its wellbeing, and as a special member of your family, reward that trust and devotion with as much care and attention as possible. Have a happy summer!

Anubis K9 Facility, Cairo-Alex Rd.

Location:  Main road of Sakkara, 900 m before Sakkara Country Club.

Accommodation: The spacious facility is built over 40,000 m2.

100 dog kennels. And 15 horse stables.
4 training fields for our guests

And 1 tactical K9 training field, which is the first privately owned tactical training field in the Middle East.

Pets accepted: Anubis is a K9 facility, so basically it serves all breeds of dogs. However it has started Anubis Stables to accommodate horses in the facility as well.
In Anubis they believe that all dogs are equal. But they just have different needs. Anubis accepts adopted and rescue dogs as well and offers 20% off on any of its’ services for these very special guests to encourage friends and fans to rescue a soul.

Boarding Facilities: We offer 4 types of accommodation depending on the size of the kennel.

Kennels: Indoor only /indoor kennel without door terrace/ air-conditioned

There are 10 air-conditioned kennels for dogs who have special needs in terms of climate and temperature. However all kennels have built-in insulation and have fans to ensure good ventilation for canine guests even in the hottest days of summer.

Food and special diets: Fresh food/dry food/supplements.

Veterinary support:  Fully equipped vet clinic on the premises with an experienced vet available 4 days a week, with emergency backup as well.

Special features:  

Dog school.

Professional K9 training for clients and their dogs.

A wide range of training courses.

Obedience training

Dog sport training

Personal protection training


Swimming lessons

Behavior modification sessions


Pet Taxi

Soon Anubis will be launching a swim-with-your-dog service. Clients can come and enjoy the sun and greenery with oriental food as well as taking a dip with their furry friends.

Period of boarding: Anubis is available from day use (half day) up to a whole year of accommodation.

Dubieland Pet Center, El Gouna

Location: El Gouna – Red Sea – Industrial Road

Pets accepted: Dogs only, all breeds accepted.

Boarding Facilities: Single or double kennel, available with or without a/c.

Food and special diets: Special diet available.

Veterinary support: On site 24/7.

Special features:

Air-conditioned kennels for short and long term boarding for dogs.

Nationwide pet pick-up and drop-off




Full Veterinary Clinic:

Wellness Exams

Dental care

Surgery (elective, soft tissue, orthopedic, laparoscopic)

Medical Imaging (Ultrasound, digital radiography, dental radiography)

Scoping (nasal, bladder, airways, GI)



Prescription pet food, treats, toys

Pet Shop

Playing area

Dubie Café

Period of boarding: No minimum – up to 3 months (to be accepted upon details)

Eastwind Kennel, Cairo Branch

Location:  Off 26th of July Corridor – Abu Rawash – 6th of October

Pets accepted: Dogs only. All breeds accepted.

Boarding Facilities: Room with a View: A standard size kennel with overhead fans, with an outside run overlooking the garden, for dogs who like K-9 gossip for big breeds.
Paris Hilton Lounge: An exclusive air-conditioned, free-to-roam living room style boarding for small breeds, with lush comfy beds, A/C, TV and a private butler to attend to your dog’s immediate needs.

Food and special diets:  Bring Your Own Food Policy: This entitles you to send your dog’s regular food for the duration of his stay, along with any dietary supplements or requests you may have.

Veterinary support: Available every day from 9 am to 4 pm except Thursday to Saturday

Special features: Boarding & Day care, Training, Wash N’ Walk, Pet Taxi, Vet & Spa.

Hala’s Bark Park (Dog Training & Hotel Services)

Location: Cairo/Alex Desert Road

Pets accepted: Dogs only, all breeds are accepted except if the dog is aggressive.

Boarding Facilities: 30 kennels so the dogs go out in rotation all day. Each kennel has an indoor and outdoor area, the smallest size is 2.5 x 4 m2.

Food and special diets: Special diet possible

Veterinary support: Vet on call 24/7

Special features: Our facilities for dogs include several kennel sizes to accommodate different breeds, 2 playtime areas (sand and grass).

Happy Kennel Academy, Sheikh Zayed

Location: Green Belt – Giza Egypt -In front Of Beverly Hills – Sheikh Zayed- Gate No 1, Section 2

Pets accepted:  Dogs and cats, all breeds accepted.

Boarding Facilities:  Single or double rooms, fans.

Food and special diets: Diet programs possible.

Veterinary support: Vet on call

Special features:  

Puppy Pre Schooling

Academy for training

Play yard and running track

Personnel protection training

Delivery for all pet needs ( dry food, accessories, medical supplements)

Examination and vaccination


Oral dental care

Healing Spa

Swimming Pool for Dogs

Behavior Modification

Hound’s Club Boarding Kennel, Cairo-Suez Rd

Location: Suez Road, Between Al Rehab and Al Shorouk City.

Pets accepted: Dogs only, all breeds accepted.

Boarding Facilities: Big clean rooms with fans in every room.

Food and special diets: Special diet possible.

Veterinary support: On Call 24/7

Special features:

Boarding exercise

Running track

Training (obedience, behavior)

Grooming services


One-day dog sitting

Pick-up and drop-off services

Routine vaccination and medical follow up

Flea and tick control check-up program

Kelabi Dog Boarding Center, Mariouteya

Location: Kelabi is located on the Sakkara Road at the intersection of Mariouteya and Mansoureya Canal, a bit after Cataract Hotel. It’s exactly 30 minutes from Maadi, 45 minutes from New Cairo, and 1 hour from Heliopolis. Visits are by appointment only.

Pets accepted:  Dogs, all breeds accepted.

Boarding Facilities: Each dog gets its’ own room (dogs from different households are never roomed together) with carpet, blankets, toys, and constant fresh water. The standard room size is 2m x 2m (which is spacious enough to house two large dogs comfortably, so it’s very good for one dog). There is a slightly bigger room designed to host three dogs. And a “suite” that’s big enough for four Labrador-sized dogs. The cost per dog will be the same whether they stay together or in separate rooms.
The whole facility is shaded and is equipped with industrial large fans to keep the climate cool and breezy.

Food and special diets: Kelabi provides freshly prepared food (deboned and de-skinned whole chickens with rice, carrot, zucchini, pumpkin or sweet potato and occasionally yellow lentils. Sometimes chicken liver is added to enhance the taste. Kelabi never feeds dogs any sort of bones, mince or skin, only actual chicken meat.
Clients also have the option to provide their own food.

Veterinary support: We deal with a highly trusted network of vets in Maadi  (Dr Ramy Eissa and I-Vet clinic) and in New Cairo (Modern Vet Clinic).

Special features: Socialization and rehabilitation.

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