June 2017 Stars


By Maeri Frances
Let’s welcome Ramadan with appreciation for everything the Holy month brings. No matter which way the planets try to rock ‘n roll us, it’s important to see the positive and share some joy. The month opens with a lovely trine between Venus and Saturn, inspiring a mood of pragmatic optimism and goodwill. As the days swing by you can expect more support from the planets, so make the most of the great energy flowing around!
P.S. Don’t forget, your rising sign plays a big role, so check that out as well if you know it.
Gemini Birthdays: Morgan Freeman 1st of June (actor), Johnny Depp 9th of June (actor), Donald Trump 14th of June (US President), Mohamed Salah 15th of June (footballer), Meryl Streep 22nd of June (actress).

Our Birthday Sign:

Use the evening of the 3rd and early morning of the 4th to set your plans for the month in motion. Love and romance may be relegated to the back burner until after the 9th as you put all your energy into boosting your income. Your ruling planet Mercury enters your birth sign on the 7th of June, so you will be able to talk your way into, and out of, almost everything. With luck-bringer Jupiter returning to direct motion in Libra you should find a major upswing in matters of the heart, creativity, sport, hobbies and kids in coming months.
A sense of wellbeing may flow through into the first week of June so keep any positive steps made in May in mind. A fresh approach and renewed self-confidence can increase your earning potential, so if sales forms parts of your job description you could be a winner. Relationships will also see a turn for the better, it seems that your more relaxed and accepting attitude is working wonders. Singles could find interesting prospects popping up all over the place.
What a sweet lineup of planets you have in store this June. Venus in your sign brings charm and grace, which you have in bucket loads anyway, and Mercury brings your best moneymaking ideas to the fore. Going forward, you have loads of support and opportunities in your workplace, as well as excellent relations with colleagues. Your health should be especially robust in coming months. In a nutshell, what more could you ask for?
The 20th and 24th a great days for a date with someone special, mark your calendar now.

The month leading up to your birthday often sees you seeking some peace and quiet, away from the social whirl. This is the case this June, where domestic life has never looked more appealing. You are entering a year that could be great for real estate investments, home improvements or even the purchase of a few new items to spice up your decor. The 20th looks perfect for a social get-together, so why not organize something with friends? Take care though on the 25th, when you could be tempted to overdo.
This June offers plenty of opportunities for networking and catching up with old friends. If you have the chance to take a break out of town, don’t hesitate. A stimulating conversation around the 20th could give you food for thought, don’t underestimate its importance. If you are thinking of improving your career prospects you should pencil in the 24th as the day to connect with people who could make that happen. No matter how upbeat you feel about things, avoid being bombastic or egocentric on the 25th, you risk being shot down in flames.
Finally you could see a chance of improving your finances, be it through a raise or a new business opportunity. You need to get out and about, increase your networking and make sure you connect with the right people at the right time. The 13th looks propitious for meetings. Take care around the 18th though, when career obligations and domestic responsibilities could clash. Well-meaning friends could be more of a hindrance than a help around the 25th, keep them out of your financial decisions.
Celebrate Jupiter’s return to direct motion in your birth sign. Plans that had been stalled may pick up again, so be ready to forge ahead. These may involve someone from a different culture, or from another location. The 13th is a day when you can turn plans into reality, or at least get them well on track. No matter how impassioned you feel about something it would be better to avoid speaking out too strongly around the 25th, especially in public. That goes for social media outbursts as well.
Curb your enthusiasm, and your power-mongering instincts this June. The ball is not really in your court, although this will not really hold you back, will it? Your talent for subtly maneuvering situations will serve you well, just let others think they are calling the shots. Jupiter is working his way through Libra, and then it will be your turn to benefit from a whole gamut of opportunities when he enters Scorpio. OK, so it is some months down the tracks, but it is something to bear in mind. Best days this month for a little fun? The 9th and 20th.

If you feel as though life has become a bit of an uphill battle in past months you should seek out the company of friends who can give your spirits a lift. Your ruling planet Jupiter is turning direct again in your sector of peers and group activities, as well as your long term dreams and wishes. Maybe it is time to have faith and make dreams a reality? Some one-on- one conversations with someone who really understands and accepts you can go a long way towards getting you back on track this June.
All that hard work seems to have paid off; your career is actually set to blossom. That doesn’t mean that niggling problems are going to suddenly evaporate, but at least you will start to see the silver lining in the clouds. Use the 13th to push forward any work agenda suggestions, or prospect new leads. You could come up against a stumbling block on the 18th, there may be resistance to your ideas, or someone may prove elusive to connect with. The 24th is a charmed day, with you coming out on top!
Any recent feeling of being bogged down should suddenly lift. The mood becomes more upbeat this June, and you start to feel more like your innovative and quirky self. Even if you can’t travel, feed your mind with new information, ideas and connect with people outside of your usual circle. Jupiter is extending an invitation to expand your life in a positive way, the door is open; you just need to walk through. Pull out all the stops on the 13th.
The urge to stay at home and hibernate should be resisted, you may miss out on some stimulating company. Even if you get together with neighbors and people close to home, you need the interaction this month. Your ruling planet Neptune slips into retrograde motion on the 16th of June, in your own sign. This could indicate a need to face up to certain facts of life. Going into a state of denial will not work, in the short or long term.
Keep on track by establishing a healthy routine, and stick to it. That means getting the right amount of sleep, and a nutritious diet. And skip the cigarettes as well!

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