July and August Stars – 2017


By Maeri Frances

Ah, the long awaited days of summer. How do the stars line up for your holiday plans? Can you catch up on much needed rest, or will it be a time to mix and mingle on the summer social circuit? Read on to see how the planets might make it a summer to remember…

P.S. Don’t forget, your rising sign plays a big role, so check that out as well if you know it.

Summer Birthdays:  Mohamed Abdel-Shafy (footballer) 1st of July, Ahmed Shoukry (footballer) 7th of July, Amr Shabana (squash player) 20th of July, Menna Shalabi (actress) 22nd of July, Ahmed Ezz (actor) 23rd of July, Karim Abdel Gawad (squash player) 30th of July, Ahmed Megahid Ramzy (footballer) 25th of July, Abbas Abou El Hassan (actor) 1st August,  Amr Waked (actor) 2nd of August, Youssra El Lozy (actress) 8th of August, Tamer Hosny (singer and actor) 16th of August

Our Birthday Signs:

Cancer: Let’s be direct, the month doesn’t open on the most brilliant of notes for Cancer babes, especially those born during the second week of July.  The 1st and 2nd of July could be quite stressful, so why not use these days to chill and catch your breath rather than tackling the hordes all battling for supremacy on the jam-packed roads to the ultimate beach resorts. You may still be feeling a bit grumpy on the 5th and 18th of July, so just accept that things will improve and stay calm. Your finances and mood could see an unexpected improvement as  the summer rolls on, and the 12th of August looks rather fun.



As July gets under way you may feel frustrated if things are not panning out quite as smoothly as you hoped. There is a rather confrontational aspect on the 2nd, and you may find someone working against you behind the scenes. It’s best to stick to fairly routine activities for the first week of July, you will find plenty of opportunities to kick up your heels as the summer moves on. Mercury retrograde might upset your plans at times, but nonetheless you should be feeling invigorated and ready to start something important by the 20th of August. This should set you on a new career track if you play your cards well.


You need a break. Seriously,  you may be feeling the conflict between home and family and career responsibilities even more as July gets under way. Even though the coming two months offer loads of fun, short trips and entertaining companions, this feeling will keep on niggling. Events may drive home how precious family relationships and kids are to you, now you need to see how to create the right balance in your life. Kids and hobbies can be a stimulus to get out and try something new around the 20th of August.

Taurus: You have plans for a great summer, and as often is the case, you need to secure enough cash to make sure you can carry them out in style. Don’t fret, as the summer gets under way you will have periods when cash seems to come quite effortlessly. You run the risk of falling into arguments when things don’t go your way, and may need to compromise more than normal just to keep the peace with family members and friends. The first week of July is especially volatile, and smart Taureans will avoid travel between the 1st and the 5th unless it is absolutely essential. Try to make your plans to get out of town before or after that period.



Other signs may have a sneaking suspicion that Virgo doesn’t really understand the purpose of a holiday, or how to relax. So, this is your chance to prove them wrong. This summer it may be less about dragging yourself off the overcrowded resorts and coping with delayed flights and tourist traps, and more about finding quality time… with yourself. You have been burning the candle at both ends recently, so treat yourself to some chill out moments where you can totally kick back and unwind.


More than ever, it is proving to be that it’s not what you know, but rather who you know, when you need to get ahead. This summer should provide more networking opportunities than you have had for a while, and as you have an urge to forge ahead more in career matters  you should get out there and mix and mingle. Sometimes you need a not-so-gentle shove in the right direction, and the days around the 20th of August could provide just that when someone offers positive support. If you have a chance to hop on a plane  to somewhere new, don’t hesitate, it could be romantic.


Much as you would like to join the throngs of happy holiday-makers it looks as though you will have to stick to taking care of business for much of the summer. There will be travel opportunities, but somehow work will never be far behind, ready to snap at your heels the minute you start to feel relaxed. If you can, avoid travel or important  meetings during the first week of July, it’s not the best time, for anyone, or anything…


Your freewheeling nature may be a bit under pressure this summer as you need to try to fit in with others people’s plans. How boring, you say, I would much prefer to cut loose and do my own thing! Ok, so who is going to foot the bill? One way or another you cannot escape your dependency on others, either financially or emotionally. This could be a summer that creates an important learning curve and chance to mature. Travel plans look best if you delay until later in August.


Cautious Capricorns do not willingly put themselves into confrontational situations. But sometimes you just need to stand up for what you believe in, don’t you? That’ s why people who thought they had you pegged may be in for a bit of a surprise when you show a new facet of your character in the first week of July.  Your emotions may be quite fired up, but try not to say anything that you wish you could retract later. You have a sharp tongue and do not suffer fools gladly, even those you love! The dust will settle as August comes around, so get into the holiday mood while you still have a chance.


Paradoxically, even though this is officially a holiday season, you may be enjoying your work routine and ongoing tasks to the extent that you are reluctant to ditch them just to follow the crowd. So, be your usual quirky self, do what feels right for you. Maybe you could pick up some better travel deals as the summer draws to a close, and why not? No crowds of tourists, or overpriced trendy locations. Off-season deals have never looked better, so pencil in the last week of August for a quick break to recharge your batteries.


Your eternal quest for true romance, either in real life or your vivid imagination, still forms a large part of your raison d’être this summer.  There could be chances to combine a bit of fun in with your working life, maybe singles will hit it off with a new colleague? But, at the end of the day, dreamy Pisces can be surprisingly pragmatic, and you could have put some solid plans into action while others were too busy working on their tans. Don’t show all your cards at once, keep a few tricks up your sleeve for when they serve your goals.

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