In the Stars: Your January Horoscopes


By Maeri Frances

Look back on 2018 as a major learning curve, and look forward to 2019 as a time where you can march confidently forward with a fresh perspective and more optimism. How can you become a more positive, self-fulfilled version of yourself this January? Read on…

P.S. Don’t forget to read your rising sign as well if you know it.

January Birthdays:

1st January – Amy Samir Ghanem (actress), 3rd January – Mel Gibson (actor), 4th January – Laila Elwy (actress), 5th January – Bradley Cooper (actor), 7th January – Nicolas Cage (actor) 10th January – Rod Stewart (musician),  13th January – Michael Peña, Patrick Dempsey (actors), 15th January – Essam El Hadary (footballer), 17th January – Jim Carrey (actor), (actress), Christina Aguilera (singer), 25th January – Alicia Keys (musician), 28th January – Elijah Wood (actor), 31st December – Sir Anthony Hopkins (actor).

Happy birthday, Capricorn!

January in a Nutshell: Don’t mess with me! With Saturn and Pluto lingering in your birth sign you need to roll with the punches, but even so, you aren’t going to take any nonsense from anyone. Things may just be in the planning stage, but you could be looking at a major redecoration or move, even to a new location.


January in a Nutshell: It’s time for change! The old status quo just doesn’t work for you these days. Rethink your approach to career, relationships, and domestic life and convince everyone to fit in with your new approach. Let’s face it, you can be very motivating. Get ready for sparks to start flying!


January in a Nutshell: Get ready for a shake-up. You aren’t the person you were this time last year, and nothing can turn back the clock. Your core belief system has changed and you will soon need to be ready to adapt your lifestyle to fit.


January in a Nutshell: Ready for a bit of romance? Singles have been patient long enough, and now the time seems ripe to meet someone who could play a role in your life. Don’t turn down social invitations, there are new faces just waiting to meet you.


January in a Nutshell: Decisions, decisions. You are being pulled in several directions at once. Career matters are looking good, so any changes should be positive. The travel bug is also nibbling at you, but a relationship may be affecting your decision. Take a deep breath and get your priorities sorted.


January in a Nutshell: Travel on the horizon? Feeling restless? Maybe a change of pace, and faces, is just what you need. Health issues may be getting you down, so bite the bullet and get them sorted. Your mental attitude may go through a major shift this month.


January in a Nutshell: Are you being your own worst enemy? It may be hard to shake off a sense of unease and doom, but a lot of your problems may rest with your unwillingness to be proactive these days. Think outside of the box and solutions may pop up out of nowhere. Friends can be an energy boost, go with the flow and get into the mood.


January in a Nutshell: Denial is not your friend. This month brings a lot of issues clearly under the spotlight. If there is clutter in your life, now is the time for a clean out. That means junk, toxic people, bad habits and anything holding you back from a great year ahead. The time is now!


January in a Nutshell: Get entrepreneurial. Inspiration can come easily to Pisces, so don’t let naysayers get you down. Take that idea and run with it. It could be a money-maker. This is a time where you can look at lessons learned, and use that wisdom in making a new start. Don’t play the blame game, just turn the page.


January in a Nutshell: Love-all or ‘game over’. Relationships may be put to the test; anything that has outworn its authenticity may come to an end. New attractions are equally likely, but may be short-lived. Home matters need attention, family members could be making demands on your time and energy.


January in a Nutshell: You are on a creative roll! Things are finally going your way, and doors are opening in all directions. The money may not be flooding in yet, but you should be able to smell it coming. Hard work and patience will pay off, so don’t be tempted by quick-and-easy solutions.


January in a Nutshell: Say it like it is. You are one of life’s realists, but still not above a little manipulation to get things your way. This is the time to say what needs to be said as clearly as possible, otherwise a situation may just drag on and become more draining for all involved.

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