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Concept: A culinary journey around the world.

Type of cuisine:  Truly international, from the Far East to Scandinavia. Pasta, pizza, satay, sandwiches and steaks as well as a good range of starters, salads and soups.  There is a breakfast menu as well.

Signature dishes: Heart of Palm Salad, Salmon Tart, Chicken Jadara, Date Gratin and an interesting range of fillet steak options.

Dishes sampled:  Being one of those hot Cairo days, we settled in with a watermelon smoothie to beat the heat. It was totally refreshing and worked like a charm. We then tackled the extensive menu, and after browsing through it, asked for a few suggestions as to what would be nice to try on our first visit.

Kicking off with a super-creamy sweet corn and chicken soup was a great suggestion, although it was almost a meal in itself. The flavors were spot on, and the little chunks of chicken breast tender as can be. We shared a Heart of Palm Salad, a mélange of palm hearts, baby corn, red and yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes and blanched flowerets of broccoli, drizzled with a tangy dressing. It was an interesting combination, and fresh on the palate. This was followed by a delectable Shrimp Konafa, the biggest shrimp we had seen in ages, perfectly fried in a konafa wrapping, accompanied by a sweet chili dressing. The two steaks that followed were artistically presented, and offered some new taste sensations. The Fillet Tornado was garnished with a topping of avocado and Gouda cheese, resting on a fried bread crouton and a bed of celery purée. With a side of penne bathed in a cheesy sauce, it was a really substantial dish. The Fillet Asparagus was what it promised, and more. Topped with blue cheese and asparagus, the fillet steak came with a garnish of sesame walnut praline and a demi-glace sauce. Again, there was a generous side of penne, this time in a rich tomato marinara sauce.

We wound up with a freshly baked almond packed date gratin, a plate of delectable gooey sweetness with uncountable calories, but hey, did we care? With a shared taste of a rich nougatine, we had probably eaten more than we really needed. But with such helpful, friendly service, who could blame us?

Other menu options that appealed: The Salmon Tart, a cold starter of smoked salmon wrapped around cream cheese, avocado and cucumber, and the Chicken Jadara, cooked with mozzarella, Gouda cheese, olives, rosemary and cherry tomatoes.

Beverages: A huge range of fresh fruit smoothies, frappé specialties, and mocktails, along with lots of traditional beverages and hot drinks. Shisha is available too.

Décor: Bright and cheerful, with candy colors everywhere, simple wooden tables, and plenty of TV screens to keep Ramadan viewers enthralled with matches and series.

Ambiance: Relaxed and friendly, it is obvious that the additional spacious outdoor seating area will prove to be extremely popular as a Ramadan evening locale.

Take away/ Home delivery: Both takeaway and home-delivery are available.

Clientele mix: Groups, families and couples, a good cross-section of the local community.

Price range: Moderate.

Top tip: Catch one of the outdoor tables if the weather is right, there is a refreshing breeze.

Opening hours: 9 am to 1 am. Ramadan hours: 3 pm to 3 am.

Address: The Curve, Sheikh Zayed

Tel: 01121111715 – 011211117100

Facebook page: Jadara

Instagram: JadaraEgypt


Chicken with Lemon

From Chef Sabry

Serves two


400 gm cubed chicken breast

100 gm fresh cream

30 gm lemon juice

40 gm butter

20 gm cooking oil

30 gm chopped onion

40 gm grated Parmesan

Salt and pepper to taste


Sauté the chicken cubes with butter and oil, than add the onion. When the onion is transparent add first the cream, then gradually the lemon juice. Season to taste. Keep on a very low heat until the sauce has thickened slightly then serve with a sprinkle of Parmesan.



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