India Along the Nile in Semiramis Intercontinental Cairo


The newest addition to Semiramis Intercontinental’s stellar lineup up of restaurants offers hearty Indian food in Garden City packed with spices and notes from all the vast country and different regional flavors. Head chef Harish Tewari blends unique spice combinations as a part of his craft, creating a blueprint in India Along the Nile you will not find in any other establishment. We visited on a Thursday evening to enjoy their authentic cuisine.

Dishes Sampled

Upon arrival we were warmly greeted by the servers and led to our comfortable and spacious table. We began the meal with a cocktails and chutney selection along with traditional papadum. We opted for the Lehsuni Jhinga, chargrilled Tandoori jumbo shrimps marinated in fried garlic and yoghurt. The shrimps were melt-in-your-mouth delicious and tender, a must-try. Next came two kinds of marinated kebab – the Bhatti da Murgh and the Murgh Chandi Tikka. These chicken morsels are soaked in two doses of marinade – salt and spices with lemon, and then yogurt, cream and more spice blends. This results in extremely tender chicken that bursts with flavor, the Bhatti chicken is a Punjabi specialty marinated in 16 spices!

We sampled the Barra Champ next, Australian lamb chops marinated for 24 hours in mustard oil and malt vinegar then grilled on coals for a pleasant smoky flavor. The Dal Dhungari was spectacular and the most unique dal we have ever tasted – smoked yellow lentils on charcoal tempered with garlic, onions and tomatoes, clove and cardamom. The smoky flavor infuses into the dal and leaves an ever-pleasant aftertaste, a real standout dish. Of course, the naan bread to scoop it all up with was delicious as well.

Our mains were a selection of both vegetarian and meaty options. Murgh Dum Biryani arrived, long grain basmati rice and chicken cooked in a traditional copper pot. The Bhuney Pyaz ki Subzi came next, a vegetarian dish consisting of oven roasted pickled onions cooked on a slow and low heat in panch phoron spices – a tomato and onion based thick yogurt sauce flavored with pumpkin, heavily spiced and quite delicious mixed with the rice. A unique dish that is worth a try for those avoiding meat. The Nihari Gosht came next, a lamb shank slow cooked for 8 hours with spices and lamb stock. The meat was so tender and fell off the bone.

For dessert, we sampled the Mango and Saffron Srikhand, a yogurt flavored pudding, and the Chukandar Ka Halwa, a sweet beetroot fudge. While we didn’t love the taste of the beetroot fudge by itself, the two desserts mixed together were absolutely delicious! The beetroot fudge balanced out with the tart mango flavor and the cooling yogurt. For authentic Indian desserts, these are a must try.

Other Options that Appealed & Beverage Available

Malabar Seafood Curry, Tandoori Chicken with a variety of sauces, and the tasting menus all look appealing. Full bar on offer: Cocktails – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, soft drinks, fresh juices, and local beer and wine is available, as well as hot drinks.

The Décor & Ambience

A lot of dark red, wood, and large candles adorn the bar area. There is a large open plan kitchen for visitors to enjoy watching the chefs at work. A lounge area in the back by the bar is available for those who wish to drink and nibble without being part of the crowd.


Intimate and low-lit, a refined venue for fine dining, catching up, and tantalizing the taste buds. Polite staff, a knowledgeable chef who mingles with the crowd, and timely service. You will want a repeat visit.

Clientele Mix & Price Range

Couples, business colleagues, groups of friends in their 30s. Above average, but still good value for a hotel.

Contact Information

Opening hours: 12 pm – Midnight.

Address: Corniche El Nil – Garden City.

Tel: 02 798 8188


Facebook/Instagram: SemiramisIC

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