In the Stars: Your September Horoscopes


By Maeri Frances

Back to school, back to work. So how are the planets easing the transition this September? After a period of retrograde for several planets it may feel as though you had been stuck in a state of ‘one step forward and two steps back’. It just means that maybe you needed to sort out your stuff before charging ahead, never a bad idea.

P.S. Don’t forget, your rising sign plays a big role, so check that out as well if you know it.

September Birthdays:

Salma Hayek (actress) and Keanu Reeves (actor) – 2nd September, Charlie Sheen (actor) – 3rd September, Beyonce Knowles (singer) – 4th September, Idris Elba (actor) – 6th September, Adam Sandler (actor) – 9th September, Colin Firth (actor) – 10th September, Jason Statham (actor) and Khaled El Nabawy (actor) – 12th September, Hisham Abbas (singer) – 13th September, Tom Hardy (actor) – 15th September, Sophia Loren (actress) – 20th September, Bruce Springsteen (musician) and Alex Proyas (screenwriter) – 23rd September, Will Smith (actor) – 25th September, Khaled Al Khamissi (writer) – 27th of September.

Happy Birthday, Virgo!

With your ruling planet Mercury forging ahead in Leo you could be feeling a sense of anticipation as the month starts. By the 6th, when Saturn also goes back into direct motion, and Mercury bounces into your birth sign, your path of action will become clearer. If you haven’t de-cluttered and refined important aspects of your lifestyle, then this is the time. The days between the 9th and 12th are key to setting things in action. Communicate and negotiate!


If anyone can get back into work mode with determination this month, it is Aries. Your natural drive and ambition is out there for all to see. Your eye is on the ball and you can make up for any opportunities lost over the long summer break. Your main risk lies in stepping on a few toes in your rush to grab any prize. Include others in your plans, you can be an inspiration in any team efforts. The Full Moon in Aries on the 25th can bring things to culmination.


Your thoughts may be drifting more to pleasure, hobbies and romance than actually settling back into the daily grind. You can safely drift along until the 19th of the month, that’s when the tension steps up, especially for anyone born in the first few degrees of the Fixed signs. And yes, Taurus, you are one of them. There could be a few harsh words and loss of temper, so keep calm and aim for maintaining the peace at home and around the workplace.


Let’s face it. You are not really in the mood for hours on the road or being tied to a desk this September. Your happiest moments this month will be spent close to home. Family and the domestic scene will claim most of your attention, so it is probably best to avoid making major commitments of your time for other matters. As the last week rolls around you should be in the mood for getting out and about and spending quality time on hobbies and sports.


So much to do and so little time for you this month, Cancer. You may feel snowed under by phone calls, emails, errands and chores. By month’s end you will probably feel like staying home with the phone turned off and the computer tucked away. Make sure your efforts are recognized and appreciated, especially around the 25th. The period between the 9th and 12th is great for bonding with your kids, or getting romantic with your partner. By the 13th a key relationship should be feeling a lot more grounded.


It’s all about da money, money… It may be key to making or breaking your month. Whether it is for travel plans, or improving the house, you need to sort out your finances and prioritize. If your birthday falls in the first few days of Leo, you should tread with care on the 19th. Or, possibly, others should keep their distance. Your need to be seen in a good light is a big part of your character, and if anyone attempts to mar that around the 19th, your claws can come out!


The month leading up to your birthday is generally a good time to take stock and get yourself balanced and refreshed. If you can, try to slip away to catch a late summer break on an un-crowded beach or in a location you have always wanted to visit. Who needs throngs of people anyway? Finances still loom large, but relationship matters are not too bad. Pay attention to events on the 25th in this regard. You will feel generally more communicative after Mercury enters your sign on the 22nd.


Now that everyone’s back in town you need to get networking. There are deals to be made, and apart from that, hey, it would be good to catch up with friends and see how their summer panned out. With Venus in your sign from the 9th, your charm will be at an all time high, so work it, work it! Your rapport with Virgos is strong this month, they can support you in achieving your goals. The 11th and 12th are days when you can really call the shots and make a lot of progress.

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