In the Stars: Your November Horoscopes


Where has the year gone? Have you used every minute to its max? Let November be a month to remember with a little help from the stars.

November Birthdays:

4th November – Mohamed Hamaki (singer), 6th November – Emma Stone, Ethan Hawke, (actors), 7th November – Mohamed Abou Treika (footballer), 9th November – Fifi Abdou (dancer), 11th November – Leonardo Di Caprio (actor), 12th November – Ryan Gosling (actor), 13th November – Gerard Butler (actor), 16th November – Magdi Yacoub (heart surgeon), 18th November – Mona Zaki, Ahmed Helmi (actors), 19th November, Meg Ryan, Jodie Foster (actors), 22nd November – Amr Salama (film director), 23rd November – Miley Cyrus (performer).

September Birthdays:

Salma Hayek (actress) and Keanu Reeves (actor) – 2nd September, Charlie Sheen (actor) – 3rd September, Beyonce Knowles (singer) – 4th September, Idris Elba (actor) – 6th September, Adam Sandler (actor) – 9th September, Colin Firth (actor) – 10th September, Jason Statham (actor) and Khaled El Nabawy (actor) – 12th September, Hisham Abbas (singer) – 13th September, Tom Hardy (actor) – 15th September, Sophia Loren (actress) – 20th September, Bruce Springsteen (musician) and Alex Proyas (screenwriter) – 23rd September, Will Smith (actor) – 25th September, Khaled Al Khamissi (writer) – 27th of September.

Happy Birthday,


Use the first few days for catching up with friends because on the 6th the tempo may pick up and offer some surprises. The 7th may call for putting ideas into action, some of these may pay off financially as the month develops.


Pay attention to events between the 6th and the 8th, as decisions you take now may have long lasting effects. A desire for change may see you making travel plans. Best to keep plans under your hat until you feel safe to share.


Things are gathering momentum in your partnership zone, even unattached Taureans may find themselves thinking more about the joys of being hitched. Equally, there could be business partnerships in the offing for some. Money issues may loom large, so deal with them wisely.


Great plans may bite the dust unless you are taking care of your health and general wellbeing. That means getting your eight hours of sleep at night as well. Jupiter is rolling into your relationship sector, opening up all sorts of exciting possibilities. Your attitude counts for a lot, so open up your heart and your mind.


You should be entering a phase of general good health and enjoyment from your daily routines. That includes good vibes around the workplace and with colleagues. Hobbies and leisure activities should bring a lot of pleasure when you can allocate some time for them. Close relationships still need work, be prepared to face some home truths if you want to clear the air.


You may have been spending a lot of time and energy on family and the home in recent weeks, so it’s about time you got back into a spot of social activities. Take up a new sport or creative hobby, indulge yourself, or even bring a new pet into the family. You are entering a period where children may brighten your life even more.


Even though you are known for your love of freedom from up-close and intense relationships that is no reason to shun humanity as a whole. Get out there and mix a bit this November, you could actually realize how out of touch you have been with old friends


C’mon Virgo. Get smart. Streamline certain processes in your life and use the time you gain to enjoy activities that you have always been too busy for. Home life is set for a boost, maybe you should invite friends over a bit more often to shake you out of your shell. In other words, it is up to you to make the effort to enjoy life the way you should.


Stuck in a rut? Get out and about and broaden your horizons. The stars look good for study, travel and adding new skills to your resume. Don’t be shy about seeking out new ideas or technology. Friends should be willing to lend support if they see you are making an effort. All you need to do is ask.


A lot of your recent dreams and wishes have been limited due to lack of funds. Cheer up! You may even be able to squeeze in a few trips to break the routine. A more optimistic frame of mind is likely to generate new friends and opportunities, so stay upbeat. November may have


With Jupiter heading into your birth sign you should feel confident about anything coming your way. That includes a tendency to pack on a few kilos anytime you so much as look at a menu. Balance a more relaxed mood with a bit more healthy exercise and you should manage quite nicely.


Feeling as though you need to take a step off the treadmill? Then do just that. Take time to restore your inner balance this month, either alone or within a like-minded group. From this month your ability to see what is important and what is just white noise is highlighted, so be a little ruthless and get on track.

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