In the Stars: Your December Horoscopes


By Maeri Frances

It’s time to get into party mode! How does the festive season look for you? With the stars working their magic, anything is possible.

December Birthdays:

3rd December – Brendan Fraser (actor), 4th December – Jay-Z (rapper), 9th December – Dame Judi Dench (actress), 11th December – Mohamed Zidan (football coach), 13th December – Taylor Swift (actress), 18th December – Brad Pitt (actor), Nelly Karim (actress), Christina Aguilera (singer), 21st December – Samuel L. Jackson (actor), Jane Fonda (actress), 25th December – Sherif Arafa, Hesham Abdel Khalek (film directors), 28th December – Denzel Washington (actor), 31st December – Sir Anthony Hopkins (actor).

Happy birthday, Sagittarius!

There’s more going on behind the scenes for you than in public in the first week. Work on refining your plans so you can put them into action after the 10th. The 20th and 21st are great days to get together with friends, so mark them in your calendar.


Try to sort out any financial issues before year’s end. That includes your credit cards. You may need to use them for an upcoming trip. Travel is high on your agenda, or even visitors from a distant location. Don’t forget to include a close one in your activities.


You totally need to use this month to work on your closest relationships. Singles should organize their social calendars rather than their social media. Days to get close to someone in a real-world sense are 16th, 21st and 28th.


 Work on your general fitness and wellbeing, as well as adding some panache to your wardrobe. By the 13th you will be ready to turn a few heads. The party season will give you opportunities for meaningful communication. Don’t waste them.


Planets in Scorpio are adding a sensual vibe to your life. You should use these days for connecting closely with your special someone, or at least enjoying hobbies and outdoor activities to the max. Children could be great company, let them into your life as much as possible.


Is it the spirit of the season, or are you just in the mood for adding a bit more style to your home? Your heart is very much geared to family and the domestic scene these days. The 21st offers potential both creatively and romantically, so start making plans now.


You should really be thinking of easing up on the work front and kicking back to enjoy the company of friends a little more. Some around you may have found you a bit too detached at times, so make time for a bit of fun. Socialize more on the 20th and 21st.


These days it is not only important what you say, but equally, how you say it. Resist the temptation to be too candid, think twice before you speak and you should avoid later embarrassment. The 21st is a lovely day for home entertaining, so set your creative culinary flair to work.


Looking back at the year you may be surprised at what you have achieved. Not necessarily in material terms, but in a new-found wisdom and understanding that will support you going forward. This inner confidence will be helpful in supporting any new career initiatives, as well as your public image.


Money matters can make you or break you. Everything else seems dependent on your financial state. Don’t let it wear you down; with a bit of planning and patience you will come out on top. Short trips and visits will add spice to your month.


All that groundwork you have been putting in should pay off now and over coming months with a boost to your finances. The month is packed with supportive planetary aspects for you, Scorpio, so don’t waste any precious opportunity. Efforts made now will have long reaching effects, nothing should be overlooked.


After a concentrated period of increasing your circle of friends and acquaintances you may be in the mood for easing up and spending some quality time with yourself. The 7th of December should be sensitive, secrets may come out and cause hurt feelings. Follow up on the 8th with a show of affection.

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